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  1. It's funny to see that a lot of people don't understand the concept of p2w anymore. Let's get this straight: you can buy a shortcut to get the hero quickly, but you can also work for it and get it free. By buying the hero with money, you dont buy any raw power. Sure, you get a cool new hero that may have some strengths and weaknesses that other heroes dont have, but its not behind a paywall. Furthermore you cant buy a single piece of powerful gear, heck, not even any gear at all! If you want top-tier spheres and a set of 300+ iPWR legendaries, you better work for it! Regardless of how much mo
  2. Hit escape in-game and then click the button "create hero" on the right.
  3. So there's a guy who I know who already has his Abyss Lord on level 50 and he can solo NM4 without any gear at all. I guess the difficulty could be upped a tad?
  4. Hmm, well, if you think a dev team works on a class like this for quite possibly months, alongside other features to accompany it, isn't it kind of silly to expect it for free or even without any hassle? You're free to buy the hero and support the game by doing so, but you should never think that you're entitled to get something freely or even easily for that matter. If the game gave you everything for free, it wouldn't be fun. If you don't want to play the game but only have everything in the game, either pay up or stop whining and get to work. Sorry man, but this game already offers you a lo
  5. I would honestly love seeing the barbarian having 4 towers, I just wonder what they would be. I just really hope that the witch has 4 towers as well. Every hero should have towers! Also this game relies so heavily on multiple strong, stationed defenses that I dont think it'd even be possible to make a non-broken hero that doesnt offer any towers to build.
  6. I thought about this issue as well and had a talk about it with iamisom. He seemed rather confident it wouldn't affect the barbarian's ammount of votes. Let's be fair, he's a loved old-and-gold hero and a LOT of people have just been saving their influence for him as soon as they heard he'd be coming out. Also, I dont know either why people voted so agressively (is that the right term here?) on the first round either, but hey, I guess they just really want that witch ;) She sure seems like a gall with attitude, just what this game needs more of!
  7. I wouldn't say that the barbarian is especially well known for having amazing towers... Also, did it state that the Witch wasn't going to have any towers anywhere? o:
  8. We're all getting in line for that abyssal booty of his~ Who doesnt love some safe for work tentacle action? ;) At the end of the day, isn't that what we all secretly long for? A warm, soft tentacle to embrace us lovingly as we come home and eat our dinner?
  9. Hi there everyone, Today the Abyss Lord is finally being released upon us and I hope you're all just as excited as I am, but already we know what heroes are coming next. The real question is, which one is coming first? Well, iamisom has been kind enough to tell us how the final winner is going to be decided, as you can see below. Don't forget she still has to go against the Barbarian! :) Remember: The winner is decided by a total tally of the votes after all three rounds. :D So what I'm going to do in this thread is mainly just keeping track of the total number of votes all of the classes ar
  10. We're all getting in line for that abyssal booty of his~
  11. iamisom to the rescue! Huzzah!
  12. I'm just hoping that the patch goes through instantly and we don't end up waiting for our major update for another 10 days or so... Aside from that, I got my gems ready hell yea!
  13. Spent about 5 hours farming it so far, no luck so far. + I'll be out for the rest of the weekend so darn me. I hate how trendy approach their first fricking event like THIS...
  14. THANKS! has the dev team been made aware of this? :) They're aware of it alright, we've been spamming Josh quite a bit about it :P
  15. I think that accidently hitting the "Into temp inv"-button on an item you really wanna keep and then having to move said item to your inventory again is just as much work as selling some crap you accidently picked up. It'd be a nice feature, but definitely not necessary.
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