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  1. It's in the shape the majority of others are in, really. ie: Completely worthless unless it's a rock or propeller cat (and you don't even technically need a cat.)
  2. And by the end of this month, we're going to have nightmare, further making most current gear outdated. (Maybe?) It sucks losing progress, yes. But it happens. That's part of the risk of buying into early access. Buying into early access means you want to help provide feedback and report any issues you may have so they can be fixed prior to release. Over reacting and throwing a tantrum will just get your thread locked or deleted and there's nothing valuable in: "OMFG WTF WHY DO YOU SUCK AT MAKING GAMES?"
  3. There's really no reason to flame and go ballistic because of an early access patch. I mean... yeah. It sucks, but it happens. I didn't like my inventory disappearing, or losing progress when the game launched on steam after hours and hours, but meh. When I buy into something that's early access, I know they inevitably can come with game-breaking bugs and issues. Doesn't mean I like them, but the best way to make the game better is to simply relay what you dislike about the game in a constructive manner to the best of your abilities, and if needed just wait for another patch or two and then give it a go again. CG patches fairly frequently.
  4. They actually look leaps and bounds better to me. Absolutely noticeable difference. Kudos for the huge, huge improvements!
  5. I'm on the fence to be honest. Certain things I could see getting rid of altogether, but part of me would also rather just see most of them balanced in such a way that they had more use. ie: Electric tower could absolutely be a lot of fun, if it were revamped and a worthwhile defense to place. The idea of it, I adore. It just sucks. The same can be said for slice and dice/bouncer. Albeit, I can make the bouncers work to my advantages in some ways, but generally if I need a barricade place, I'm just going to place down whatever has the more health because defenses like slice and dice don't really do enough damage for me to warrant a more expensive DU defense, that will also crumble under any amount of damage being dealt. Inferno trap I feel like could be good if it wasn't a broken, buggy mess. Slow aura I don't even bother using because I can't tell it's there. Healing aura I wouldn't oppose to it being replaced because it's too high for the DU cost for the shit-tier healing it provides. Just a few examples of my own personal thoughts.
  6. At the current time, I'd rather them just balance the towers a bit more than they currently are. As cool as it'd be to see a double shot ballista or whatever, I'd rather every tower have some sort of purpose, versus how some are completely worthless at the current time before they even think about trying to shake any meta up. I'd rather there not be a meta at all and just have pure freedom to build with anything and some clever ideas simply making it work instead. DD2 had some nice things, but I wouldn't call that game any sort of sweeping success. Get their current things functional first, then tweak or add in the future.
  7. Yup, I haven't played in a couple of days because I'm just going to wait for some patches to fix some of the more glaring issues at the moment. Inventory is a mess as it is, and then it selling everything when it wasn't prior, was just enough for me to kind of bite my tongue and take a small break, haha.
  8. The only things that I've really experienced at higher waves is my audio gets choppy. Are you certain that the problem isn't potentially on your end in regards to any severe latency? I've not had any of the real issues you are speaking of personally.
  9. If a defense takes hyper-specializing into it, in order to make it work when other things do the job at a drastically easier level, do they really deserve the credit? Sure. If I grind until my eyes bleed to make enough gold in order to reach extreme stat percentages in order to make one defense work, I could probably make it work with hundreds and hundreds of hours. I think this is more or less a testiment to how poor some defenses are in comparison to others, in all honesty. It's much easier to build and make flamebursts work versus many others, as an example. It doesn't take hours upon hours and theorycrafting to make it work. I do agree they should do that, but they are still such a niche tower with a higher DU cost than it really honestly matters. It does need other changes, in my opinion. That being said; I do agree that not every tower should excel at every single situation. It is nice having towers that excel in certain aspects or places versus others. The biggest problem that I'm having at the moment is (and this isn't a call to nerf them) flamebursts are so damned good, why use anything else, really? They are: 1.) Easy to place and use and build around. 2.) Somewhat cheap on the DU/placing cost. 3.) Not reliant on having perfect positioning to make ample use of them on average. Compared to the BB turret: 1.) Have to place on flat ground or downhill. 2.) Won't target air. 3.) High DU & placement cost. This goes without saying that the tower scales exceptionally well I feel. You can make the thing fire crazy fast and it does respectable damage. I love using the things, it's just not anything that I enjoy trying to use because of how much of a hassle it is at times.
  10. I'm really hoping some balance passes or larger changes are made to some towers to combat some being completely worthless. If they are pointless to use now, they will be even more so come nightmare+.
  11. The problems with bowling bowl turret is some of its downfalls. It: Can't fire uphill whatsoever. The balls just bounce backwards. It has the problem of kind of unreliable damage at times if not for; It has to be built in very niche places in order to get ample use of its overall potential. Long, narrow hallways for example. It excells in some places, but not enough so that it's worth the DU cost, in my own opinion. It shouldn't cost what it does. I do want to like the tower, and I've made use of it at times, but it's just so much easier to use traps, or flamebursts since they are 100% more reliable. (Not to mention, they will not target air at all either.) Edit: Huntress traps are quite good, honestly. Well, the couple I do use. Thunder Spike is good, albeit a much slower fire rate but it is cheaper DU than strike towers. Inferno trap is hot garbage. Darkness is amazing. Explosive is actually very solid alongside poison. The towers I make less use of are the monk auras & squire towers other than the walls.
  12. Yeah, I'm not sure why they went with an insanely vague and hard to see method of telling what tier your towers are at versus how well DD2 did it, and even DD1, honestly. The current system is about 5 steps back in terms of displaying useful information in regards to what tower is upgraded and how much.
  13. One thing I would add? The ability to put talents into towers to make them do specialized/different things. Just as an example: For the harpoon turret: Splinters: Instead of piercing enemies, your harpoons instead splinter upon impact and deal X amount of aoe damage. (Potentially adding the ability to add more points into it, to increase the size.) There's a million things you could technically do with each tower, but it would be a lot of work, too, but fun to think about.
  14. Any chance to know if there's going to be any changes to the towers in either of the two large-ish patches this month?
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