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  1. Welcome to the community, @[CG] Brittani. I have stints of inactivity, but I've been a big fan of the DD series for years now. Sadly working upwards of 72-80 hours per week keeps me from dumping too much time into games nowadays. That said, one thing I have liked about being around here is the community and general communication. Easily one of the most important things in my opinion.
  2. Tristaris - I fee like we know one another... either from DD1, DDE, DD2 or just from these forums over the many years I've been around.


    At any rate - I"m on steam as JD.GT - add me and maybe we can play some. Evertime I see you post I stop and read it because i feel like we're old friends and we agree on alot of stuff.


    JD aka BlixGT

    1. Tristaris


      I'll shoot you an invite. I did play DD1 back years ago, so there's likely a chance! Haha

  3. So far I've only gotten a pet from wave 25 on hard difficulty. Haven't seen one from insane on 25, yet.
  4. The thing is, I want them to make money... I want them to make money by having a game that works and attracts players. 750 players on steam charts is not good... they are losing about 20% of their player base every month with last month, the month of the "campaign revamp" gaining 1.5%. Now sure those numbers could be wrong, and they don't include console players, but the trend is, the numbers are getting smaller... and to be honest... I am worried, I am worried this game will not last. Exactly. I want them to do well too. But I have to also ask myself, do I enjoy it? Do I feel that I'm gettin
  5. Careful not to criticize around these parts, logical posts like yours are sure to get some bull*** response about how trendy is starving and they have to make money too. (If they spent as much time fixing bugs, and working on end game, as they do pumping heroes out, we'd probably have a pretty solid/balanced game post-max level. Bring on the ***-talking, my body is ready.
  6. How dare a game developer try to make money in order to further develop the game. I agree completely. The entire team should be working for free until the game is complete and then try to make money from it. Actually, they shouldn't even be working for free. They should be putting their own money on the line to buy the development tools that they need, pay for office space and utilities, servers, and everything else, and then they should volunteer their time to work on the game for free until it is finished. Where did I ever say they shouldn't be "allowed to try to make money to further devel
  7. I'd much rather see dev time spent on core problems with the game, rather than another cash grab, but whatever I guess. I'm not going to buy it, until I see *** that matters to me start to be addressed rather than endless heroes and ignoring blatant gameplay issues.
  8. I just haven't bothered playing lately due to just piss poor end game, really ridiculous imbalances, and loot, for gods sakes the loot is terrible. I have harped a long time on how bad loot is, and I'll continue to do so. When those things are addressed, I'll redownload it. The problem, beside lack of end game, at least for loot is complicated. Right now it's layers, and layers of RNG and I don't find that one bit fun. Not saying loot should all be good - but right now it's locked behind obnoxious grind. Has to be appropriate ilvl, has to be the right slot, has to be the right main stats, h
  9. [[24592,users]] - Thanks for the feedback. I've skimmed over recent patches, and try to keep track of some things, but the last couple I haven't read through too thoroughly. I sure hope that those in the boat of wanting something to do at end game, finally have something to sink their teeth into. I'll certainly start keeping a closer eye on changes, if it's coming soonish.
  10. It's been a while since I've played and wanted to find out if end game had any sort of direction yet? Prior there was word going around that Onslaught was due to get a little love, but I'm not entirely sure there's been a whole lot that's changed in the game since the last time I played outside of a couple of different maps? A new map and a shiny new interface is nice, but it doesn't have the same holding power having an actual reason to grind would, so I'm here and wondering what's new? Has there been any massive changes? Are pets more fun than they were, or is it still Dragolich or bust? O
  11. As they said before, pick it up and test it in tavern. You'd be surprised at how much of a difference, a few % make. Archer damage + the explosive passive on weapon/relic are pretty big too.
  12. Needs to be on nightmare. If the only one you're seeing is crossroads, try to raise the difficulty and you should see more maps open up for you! :)
  13. Well that's nice to know, seems broken but I'll take it lol!
  14. Torpedo isn't bad damage, and clumped up it is some pretty nasty DPS, however I am personally fond of the protons due to the sheer amount of damage they are also capable of doing. To be honest I think it's totally up to you in which direction you want to go, but you will sacrifice some DP if you're wanting to get the most out of the proton beams.
  15. I still maintain that the spheres should continue to work, and just make it so Traps and Auras are also affected by the spheres. Would get some use out of them, finally. [[4370,users]]
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