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  1. I'm hoping we hear something really soon about when the beta will be - then I feel like a lot more detailed feedback can be provided once we can all get our hands on how things generally feel after playtesting. I'm 'meh' on them at the moment, but as with most other things I'll provide most of my feedback whether good/bad once I can hop into the game. I'm just hoping that's really, really soon.
  2. To be fair, however, if someone wants to gimp themselves by not having a set of characters to use and be efficient with, that's on them. The game doesn't force anyone to play with one sole character and they'll have hero swapping so there's really no issue as far as I'm concerned. Not every character has to be a jack of all trades and I feel like it's okay to have certain classes that do something extremely well. With that said, nobody knows how the balance is, or how any of the defenses really work at this point in time sadly. I'll be more critical when I get my hands on it and see how it plays rather than assuming things are going to work identically to their DD1 counterparts. I personally loathed the old PDT and found it to be the definition of hot garbage, along with a lot of DD2 early on when the game really struggled with deciding on how it wanted to be, most of which I blame on their F2P model.
  3. Oh, I'm not saying the game shouldn't be playable. I'm saying it should look and feel like a Dungeon Defenders game rather than directly ripped from something like Fortnite. Thankfully that can be adjusted relatively easily with a simple color palette change. I think at least, lol. As far as lower resolutions are concerned, yes I do agree that it needs to be playable. However, if someone is opting to play on a 6-inch screen, they need to also realize that when there's a lot of text on the screen it's just naturally going to be harder to read. How to fix that so all of the important information is available without squinting? I'm not entirely sure. Icons and red or green arrows are a good step, I guess and keeping all of the various numbers hidden until you open an item up/inspect it to look at it more in-depth?
  4. A little detail like that does indeed help, but I also can't help a different color scheme would go a long way as well. Not fond of that purple at all.
  5. I do hope that things aren't going to be completely sacrificed for the sake of one console. That said, I do understand the reasoning. I just hope there's a fine balance in making it just seem overly bland and 'modern' and ensuring it's not an eyesore to look at, either. It is rather medieval, after all, and I do feel that part of the DD charm was the general aesthetics as well. But, I think people will be able to give more valuable feedback once the game is in our hands to test.
  6. I did find the look of the UI very bland, though I'm hoping that was just an extremely early version and will be iterated upon prior to the official launch. To get it into our hands for beta and have something functional I would be okay with but in a game where you'll be looking at your inventory a lot, it is pretty imperative that it feels & looks good as well. I'll not raise a fuss about it too much because I haven't actually seen, or gotten to participate in any gameplay yet, and we know so little it's hard for me to be too bent out of shape.
  7. I am in agreement there. I thought we'd have gotten more information yesterday since there's just been an incredible lack of it in the first place. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy getting any and all information, I just dislike how little there is. I haven't played DD2 in some time because I just generally disliked the direction it took and early on the PDT was essentially worthless. That might be different now, of course, but early on it was hot garbage for any that played the game during its early days. The huntress not having a real anti-air turret doesn't bother me because there's plenty of other heroes that will fit that niche well enough IMHO. But as you said @dizzydiana , let's hope they don't import the ridiculous trap sizes from DD2.
  8. Because we clearly have gotten our hands on the defenses and can gauge their effectiveness based on screenshots. Sarcasm aside; why not wait until we get our hands on it, whenever that may be, and then provide feedback from that? *Still wish they would have given a date with that information, but yeah.
  9. I do agree, I kind of loathe how they would rather post over to Twitter rather than making a post on their official forums.
  10. I'm thinking we'll hear something today with it being Friday and all. I feel they should have announced something sooner, but I'll be optimistic and think the wait will be worthwhile. It is November now, after all, and we are going to find out for sure sometime this month.
  11. They seem to have trouble keeping CM's, that much is certain. But way back when they laid off their previous ones, it was for budget cuts or whatever whenever it was still TE so it seems that it's always been a position that was something that didn't have much 'job security' in, in the first place, which is a real shame because I feel like for small studios having that position is pretty vital but that's beside the point. All of that aside, as others have said I don't feel a CM is needed to make a simple, basic post that would take all of a few minutes to put together. It does go a long way and it'll always be better than complete radio silence while they are searching for someone to fill that role. I was incredibly vocal back when DD2 was still in its early days and wasn't all that thrilled with how it is now. That said, I'm optimistic about DD:A. I just wish we had more to go off of, but hey it's nearly November and according to the discord things are still on schedule. We'll see for ourselves soon enough.
  12. Couldn't tell you, really. Surprised there's not been more information pushed out yet, given the last official update over on news said there would be more information coming this month but we're a week away from November. There's the countdown to November thread, but that doesn't mean a whole lot because I haven't found any confirmed date for anything, yet. Fingers crossed they'll get information out more reliably but there was also a post I read that they are without a CM at the current time.
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