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  1. Agree with this, some towers have some skills in hero spec, but other ones are without any
  2. And tower skins as well should be in store
  3. I just started steam and it started auto download, didnt even knew there was an update ;) at first.
  4. Ye kinda pain when somebody other take your lane green mana for towers, i though at first all drops were for you, but seems they can take your green mana dropped from mobs u kill.
  5. You need to get higher level, then u will be able to choose that option, not sure which lvl range it is maybe 10-15+.
  6. I like art style, I just really cant get used to that floating jumps.
  7. I seen alot of players waste tower mana and build towers wrongly, or just needlessly wasting tower limit with spawning alot of huntress mines. Manage your resources and you will be fine.
  8. If you are in a party with more players and you are not a leader u can press G and it is a call for a map, and i think if majority of players do same, then u can start a map even with afk leader or so. Not sure about this but somebody mentioned that normal tavern will be a HUB for players to meet. Wartable tavern is your place of preparation and your party only, a private zone.
  9. There is a way to do it. It is really simple just upgrade your towers. Or put traps/diff towers on places where ranged enemies stand.
  10. Yeah I have same problem atm :) I sent an pm to dev, so will wait for answer.
  11. They do not, only defense council members get that.
  12. Any way to change in-game name ? Because I created a char and mine name is with number at end of it, tried to delete all characters to restart first creation. Because it set mine name as Naru13. And it seems it do not take steam name into account nor I could delete all characters.
  13. You should try to check homepage it is there. https://www.dungeondefenders.com/2/blog/114705/steam-early-access-this-friday
  14. There is loads of games where you have to pay to be part of alpha or EA. And yeah here is awesome that you get in-game currency as bonus + other goodies.
  15. It is early access so you should count that there will be wipes. Its not like head start.
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