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  1. So... been a while.. dont know where I stand, but trying to get back into this game. How do I play it?
  2. No, just do some of the community stuff. read the info at the log-in client and you can participate.
  3. Well, I did what i needed to, but since I didnt know I already had them, here is something for you all. 1st come 1st serve! 3C7FA-V3CR6-Y1GUP-Y57UD-ZK9CX IXLVK-JRSAI-8P0VM-Q3MUZ-G74M8 KF3IH-LOW1G-J8JBG-ABJH2-PE9EO enjoy :)
  4. I like to agree with this person. I have more than enough tokens.. but the crappy gear i get is not worth :(
  5. OMFG OMFG OMFG BROOOOOOOOO, ' The gif you use as your avatar made me Nostalgia so bad now.. I think I will install GW1 again.... Thank you, thank you so much! I forgot all about that gem honestly.
  6. good luck man. Its def nice. But my Bearkira looks much better for my pumpkinhead wizard ^^
  7. oddly enough I dont really think that it should be in game. I just tell people its for "choosing if you want to play with them again or not" so I wont explain it further than there :)
  8. Well, I hate to be the buttmunch here, but I get random amounts. Yesterday on the 5-10 I got 7, today I got 9, and its always been off and on for me. I dont know guys, but maybe you guys arent praying hard enough for RNGeebus
  9. I mean its still beta/alpha bud. People do not want to invest so much time on a game that is in early access and then getting it wiped shortly after. Just saying, I have early access for Blade and soul as well as Black desert Online, but I am only gonna play to get familiar with basics.. not to enjoy the story or get competitive right away.
  10. Devs are having talks about cross platforms, but its in the air. I will look for more info for ya when i am not busy.
  11. Get well soon bro. I cant wait to see your stream again :)
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