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  1. What do you put your points into for each hero? I've been putting my levels into Hero Attack for Series EV, but I don't know what to do for the other heroes and want some suggestions :3
  2. Hi there. I bought early access to Dungeon Defenders for $30. At the time, I'd played (and beaten) Dungeon Defenders and thought it was amazing, so I hopped into DD2 because hey, it looked amazing. There were 4 heroes available; you know them all well. Squire, Monk, Apprentice and Huntress. Costumes weren't a thing, so everyone was simply going around looking like the same four heroes. Apprentice was by far the strongest though, at least in my opinion. I stopped playing a while ago (we're talking December of 2014) because I focused on my schoolwork and gave up on helping develop this (still
  3. Hey all. I'm not sure if this is a bug, but I purchased the Series EV2 Bundle, and all of the Mantis Striker Accessories were free, but the Exowear Accessories still cost gems. If this is a bug, I just wanted to bring it to someone's attention. If not, then oh well!
  4. As far as I remember, the controller support is not currently implemented in the game, but it is being worked on. The option "exists" in the menu so people know where it will be once it's implemented correctly :)
  5. This is an image of text. Notice the link: http://puu.sh/doAfW/ea6609b670.jpg Now I'm going to use the forum's Insert image tool. Kindly right-click on the above image and view the location. For reference, here it is: https://images.dungeondefenders.com/https://images.dungeondefenders.com/https://images.dungeondefenders.com/https://images.dungeondefenders.com/https://images.dungeondefenders.com/https://images.dungeondefenders.com/http://puu.sh/doAfW/ea6609b670.jpg I don't know what it is, but something always screws up and the url gets complex and repeats itself. I don't know how to describ
  6. Hi Friend! Could you kindly post your PlayVerse name, and run a DxDiag to Pastebin? More Info can be found HERE. Thanks in advance! ♥ Serah
  7. THIS should help you out. :)
  8. What class were you playing as? If it's Squire, that's a mechanic to prevent you from walking off a cliff and dying because you were attacking, since the Squire can't attack while standing still. :)
  9. Hello :3 The premium currency is not yet implemented. Later on, when TrendyEntertainment does get it into the game, you'll receive a code to reclaim the currency on your account. ♥
  10. Yep, this is a pretty common request and to my knowledge the devs are working on it slowly. Like you said, it's just a minor complaint, so it's not something they're going to drop everything to work on. The bugs with people being unable to launch the game are much more important, ♥
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