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  1. @Devs, could we look into the final 2 ogres spawning at the end of each wave, you wait almost 1 minute for them to spawn, adds a lot of time over the course of farming it
  2. i got one on insane, giraffe on a treadmill and to be honest i wasn't too pleased with it, (here's a SS of it )
  3. Same here! i had something mythical drop! then poof DC'd for fix!
  4. Im really struggling with the C6, even though i had a 14k fully upgraded totem! i gotta figure out some good builds!
  5. Hey! im just wondering if anyone could help me get my claws into C5, i keep trying and failing, if you could help! Add me on PS4 MrKev87
  6. i gotta say well done guys! such an amazing idea!
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