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  1. I'm not supporting Trendy's DLC. Burned with their "Limited Edition" sale and confused why I can't buy any DLC with all these gems I've accumulated.
  2. Random things I've noticed on the map/stream: Trikk leaves a purple mark behind (his last death points) and spawns from where he died lastThere are occasionally large skeletons with different glowing rib cages (resistances?)There are 6 (accessible) skeleton fingersThe last time the mapped was played on the stream, no defenses were used, ran around and cleared the marks after defeat...(possible that you can only activate after victory? or defeat?)It's challenging but you can taunt and move Trikk
  3. I think you misunderstood my unsettled feeling about it. I agree that with any other game and DLC, I wouldn't be upset...just bad timing on my part. My problem is this (directly from http://store.steampowered.com/app/408970/): Release Date: Oct 12, 2015 Note: This spooky package is only available for a limited time and will disappear from sale on 11/2! If you're going to release a DLC that only available for 3 weeks, there shouldn't be an incentive to buy it at the end. I don't really care about the $5, its the fact that the sale is on a 3 week Limited Edition DLC. I'm not really looking fo
  4. I'm a little disappointed at the sale as well. To me this is different if it's meant to be permanent DLC, I would have no problem with the sale. However since it's billed as a limited time special DLC (available for a month only), the sale leaves a sour taste.
  5. My guess...no easy solution from a tracking and exploit perspective. As in how do you prevent summoning and selling as a means to repair without spending any mana during the build phase?
  6. I often find myself wondering why levels are even part of a game and how do they add value to the player experience? Simplistically levels provide a mechanism for a goal that provides incremental success/rewards/power and are a method to control content consumption. I think the issue occurs when there are misaligned expectation/needs and compounded by "sins of the past" (or in other words, every other game does it.) You start to see developers think that more levels are better, more characters means they play everything again and stay here to spend money, etc... Meanwhile you have players th
  7. Apparently we'll need to create a super large steam group to keep everyone playing through the weekend.
  8. I think once you're logged into all the servers you're out of luck. I've tried logging in 20 times this morning without luck. Did validation & reset video, nada.
  9. Having the same problem. It's intermittent and also occurs after leaving a private tavern....sometimes.
  10. They are in a crunch mode for finishing a DD2 patch, guessing it may be later than planned if they had to pull a resource to support DD2.
  11. Agreed! I'd also add pets to the things I don't mind being wiped. I also would be okay with uber spheres being wiped if Wyvern tokens were refunded.
  12. Looks impressive! Interested in seeing more!
  13. I can't tell which is better per the formula, so here's the better of the 4 I found: http://imgur.com/a/I6fTp
  14. So are these seahorses supposed to be upgraded then? Seems like you formula is assuming they are?
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