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  1. Does Scourge Dragon physically evolve its skin at lvl25 & 45? If it is going to stay this chubby looking tadpole form (similar to some of the other dragons) then I wouldn't use just based on looks alone. A useful ability is good, but having a good looking pet is just as awesome.
  2. Drago is fine, leave it alone. What we need is the monthly pets to actually evolve their skins like the paid pets do. They are much harder to earn but they look the same no matter how powerful they get.
  3. Agreed, if they would sell pet skins like they sell hero skins as a straight forward transaction, then it would solve the problem.
  4. I didn't realize my Defense Council standing was messed up. I will look into it.
  5. I hatched two Katakarots. My second was a Mythical with higher stats so I decided to level it. I evolved it at level 10 into a fledgling and it received its Gatodouken ability. This fireball/laser beam hits for approximately 8.5k at the moment and can be used every 8 seconds. The ability is pretty awesome in my opinion. After evolving him, his physical look and skin did not change. I thought the look is supposed to change at each evolution?! What gives. My Pumpkin Head Horseman pet did not receive his exploding pumpkin ability, and upon evolving also did not change looks. In other words, he didn't give me the things that I paid for and were described in the item description.
  6. Hello, My wife is a Council Member like myself. We bought our licenses together a long time ago. My exclusive content was available in my Mailbox inside the Tavern. She did not receive her Council Member exclusive content. How can she go about claiming it? Thanks!
  7. If premium pets are not going to get the abilities stated, or everything in the description for that matter, I won't waste time or money on them.
  8. The endings of each game are lacking. The loot chest is great, but I think winning each game should be more exhilarating. For example, more epic music and sound effects queued up after successfully beating a map. When the point screen is shown, it would be awesome to see the total points earned, coins collected, damage dealt, etc. rack up right before your eyes with some nice animation and sounds that make you always feel as though you earned a lot of everything. If you want a good example of this, play one level of Candy Crush or Field Runners 2 and beat a stage and you will see what I mean. Maybe even have some vocals play after winning each game that say different things based on how well everyone did overall. Think of like how games like DOTA, League of Legends, or Heroes of Newerth say things like "QUAD KILL", "GOD LIKE", "LEGENDARY!!!". One thing about well made games that keep you coming back is that they are exciting. A lot more can be done with the sound and visuals in the game with the simple things like the mana colors, scoreboard, and audio.
  9. I agree. I was playing Hard Mode today and we NEVER earned enough mana by the end of wave 5 to ever build enough to max out our defense points. All mana earned was primarily used to repair towers that were always damaged each wave. There needs to be more mana dropped. Having more colors to the mana to differentiate mana amounts is nice. This is better than just size of the mana crystals.
  10. Being part of the Defense Council and alpha tester of this wonderful game we will be earning custom tower skins as a reward of helping mold the game. As such, I read somewhere that the developers were seeking ideas for tower skins so I want to to get this thread going with ideas. Mage towersElemental wall: Instead of the typical arcane skin, one that is made of lightning/ice/fire would be really awesome. In addition, would recommend making the wall more aggressive looking (with spikes and more aggressive edges). For example. imagine the existing knight's barricade with all its spikes but instead it was made of fire/ice/lightning and respectively oozed frosty air, or randomly sparked coronas of lightning/fire from it. Fire tower: Instead of the current dragon fire tower (which is awesome), a custom skin could be one that modifies the projectile skin rather than the tower. For example, instead of shooting a normal exploding fireball as it currently does...it could shoot a magma ball that explodes (animation similar to the Flame Burst trap that the ranger has) thus drenching the area in lava and dealing its AOE damage with a different animation. Earth tower: This design is already really cool. I think the custom skin should be one that is made of all crystal. The mechanics of how the tower operates can remain the same, but the tower and its rocky projectile should be replaced with crystal instead. The large crystal-rock explosion that occurs could be more jagged and spikey and feature a glowing rune marking on the crystal. Frost tower: Replace the icy tower skin with a icy frost dragon skin or icy demon head that shoots the freezing beam from its mouth.
  11. A trophy room would be sweet, but not just any trophy room, it would be called "The Hall of Heroes" or something similar. This long corridor would feature things on display on top of a pedestal. These trophies would be the following: A legendary looking weapon or item (such as an eye, shield, missile, sword, etc). with an equally legendary description that is on display. Make the text appear magically when the item is clicked...imagine fire scribing the words out in midair in front of youThis can same room could also feature a codex of all normal enemies on display that could be read.
  12. More unique style heroes to play would indeed be welcome!
  13. Flying melee could work since you would have to move right up the enemy (ground or flying) to start hitting it. If you are that close they can hit you back, including the ground units. For flying ideas, I think an armored arch angel or harpy would be pretty bad ass (armed with a spear).
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