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  1. Any answer given that ISN'T from the devs just makes it sound like they can't handle it, it is still a topic of contention and annoyance between my friends and I, WTF is the point of having X amount of waves but starting halfway through X, just ****ing cut the waves we are, I guess, being 'graced of not having to play through' and lower the wave count. Honestly no other turret defense game does that kind of thing, it's stupid to have set amount of waves....and..not..play..them..all...just remove the ones we don't play.
  2. Well that's the thing, I don't have super awesome mamajama gear yet but I could swear my auras are not doing MORE damage, maybe in the first few levels of them but I swear my 3 star is doing the damage my 1 star did before these changes to the aura, just seems kind of lame.
  3. What I just find retarded is EVERY tower got this same exact buff but the electric aura somehow deserves the nerf over everything else that is ranged.
  4. Yeah..I swear I LOST damage to what they did to my electric auras, I'm doing the damage I did at 1 star BEFORE this patch at 3 star.
  5. Yeah..now my aura is doing LESS damage at 3 stars then what they did at 1 star BEFORE this damn patch...awesome.
  6. Honestly, if they apparently are having 'technical issues' with a game they freaking coded from scratch then just lower the damn waves the 3/4 they are unable to give us, seems kind of half assed that they give that kind of excuse, if they tested this for the looooooong delay they put us through for the game and KNEW about it, why didn't they put any effort into fixing it. Honestly, just seems like lazy developing from the standpoint of the wave crap.
  7. Eh, not going to edit it, I was angry,w e were less then 300 mobs to go, if someone WASN'T a bit miffed about that then I don't know what to call you.
  8. Just lost wave 11 on HARD on spooktacular because my, and my friends weapons vanished from our hands, NOTHING was dropping, no mana OR items were being drawn, yet we could pick them up, but with no weapons we couldn't attack so it was a slow death as our towers got overrun. WTF, FINAL wave and we would have won too if not for that ****.
  9. WTH, they were annoying before but now...yeah..wow, don't even buy you a drink anymore.
  10. welcome to the world of Monks! Guess how many towers I use when playing with my 3 friends? Strength Drain Aura and maybe, maybe a lightning field sometimes. Usually, Squire Bouncers/Ballistas/Blades to blockade the melee mobs and get air down. Apprentice uses his array of towers according to leftover points and ill simply put any blockade tower under a strength drain Aura so they last the whole match. So yeah please dont fret over the squire because he has awesome towers. And they tank awesome with some monk support. But yeah could use some Monk love... Oh and on Hero DPS, O
  11. Monks are not supposed to solo. But yeah, not being able to place auras (except health) near crystals is about as BS as our only damaging tower dealing elemental damage. (which is fully resisted) It's fine that the other classes can solo though right?
  12. About time monk got a buff on the USEFUL auras.
  13. You're playing a support class primarily as a melee class. I'd say that's wrong. The least you could do while you're out there doing piddle damage cleaving those mobs is to take all that mana you've collected and, oh, I dunno, Tower Boost for a few seconds and replenish your auras? You know what they say about assuming yes? I'll hope you know how it goes, who says I DON'T use my boosts? Could have sworn I said I use them, and no, I may NOT deal wtf damage like squires/huntresses, I'm still hitting for 1.5-2k per hit, moreso with my boost, generally also the enemies under the aura as I run
  14. When you tower health stat is in 150+, auras last long enough. The upgrade level mean nothing, it's your stats that matter. I find it strange that no one thinks this is a little obsurd, needing THAT many points, granted if you focused upgrades/equip with those stats is a easy to get to, just so you can reach the same level as the other classes whose turrets/placements get a lot more benefit from and really won't really lose many points from monsters if they are placed right and things never touch them. I dunno, you can't really say I'm playing my monk 'wrong' there really is no 'right or
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