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  1. well we can hope they do merge the 2 servers when the PS4 is up to par, thanks for the concern about our situation we are finally getting back to some normalcy to our lives, it took 6 months to get our home but we got it.
  2. we'er going to be returning to DD2 but this time on the ps4, in march our house and most of our possessions was destroyed by a tornado, so we weren't able to get on our PC (steam) accounts, so that's why we'll be returning on the PS4 (most likely starting over) , this is the first chance we had to try to get DD2 and just wanted to know if the PS4 and PC played on the same server, and if not are there plans on the two being cross-platform?
  3. I don't see why Trendy couldn't make a patch for those that don't mind paying an additional $25-$30 so they can play the game in offline mode, and if possible being able to import you online character to the offline mode, or make a new character for the offline mode, and restrict any offline saves to offline only, in DD1 ranked is server saved that can be imported to open/offline, but the open/offline saves can not be brought to the ranked/online saves, I'll use this as a example White Knight Chronicles had a online mode with a town you could build on using real money off PSN and I played that
  4. That would be awesome. I would like this idea.
  5. Alhanalemposted: As mentioned in another thread already on the front page of the forum, there isn't currently an offline mode. Eternity does in fact have an offline mode now (with seperate saves) in case you haven't seen it in a while. DD2's development is and has been heavily influenced by feedback so don't be shy about giving it. But for right now, it's not a thing yet. Sorry! Source
  6. Anything can be hacked. Offline mode makes it more appealing for hacking, combined with .... a small company dealing with an ALPHA release game .... it really is so far on the back burner of things (not counting bug fixes, maps, heroes as I'll count those as given) to consider atm. Hell they can't keep promises to PS4 community and you want them to create a whole other layer to the game? For a smaller niche group of players then the PS4 community. Where is the line of realistic viewpoints? "Offline mode makes it more appealing for hacking" speak for yourself. When I play a game with o
  7. It's obvious I have played the wrong kinds of games because I believe every MMO is online only and those get hacked regularly so how does a offline mode make it hackable? look at Final fantasy 11 and 14 online only they have hackers would of warcraft it has hacker guild wars 1 and 2 has hackers so online only keeps hackers away? also when the servers goes down (shut down, most likely years down the road) do you want all the money spent on cash shop items/DLC? you'd lose it all without some way to play a offline mode.
  8. Can you do it when the game servers are offline? No. Please guy's I don't want to ague on here and have white knights bashing my idea. Lets keep it civil.
  9. This guy make a VERY good point. And no one answered him. He brought up some Great points. I 100% agree. At the moment, the offline mode is my preferred style of play. I'm not antisocial, but I like progressing on my own and on my own speed. Especially since I managed to find in even the tiny current playerbase a couple of trolls and griefers. Most players are very helpful and awesome, though. Especially those that started playing way before me and have the ridiculous pre-patch gear. To the actual issue: Offline mode is everything but really offline. Yes, your game isn't streamed from a playv
  10. Yes but, after you are done with a match you get put out in the open lobby, and have you accessed the private tavern while the servers are down? if so how do you do that? Small company, a million other things to worry about. Also with hacking it's a bad idea to allow offline modes and online within the same server. See DD1 hack issues. Ok DD1 came out 2010 a lot has changed since then. They can check your files for example. Also why should DD2 player's get punished for what hackers do please read my whole post. I said It really sucks that I know the #1 reason people may disagree with me an
  11. Yes but, after you are done with a match you get put out in the open lobby, and have you accessed the private tavern while the servers are down? if so how do you do that?
  12. I would like to see a offline/LAN mode. Why? Because not all of us like to play online. I wish they would allow a local co-op like they are doing with the PS4 but, on the PC. Also I like the idea if I want to play in steam offline mode I can still play DD2. I mean why not have a online character and a offline character if that what it takes. And I am not the only one that would like a offline mode. Nor am I the only one that wants a LAN mode. Or at least give us a Lan mode where we can play with friends and family on the same internet line via Lan. And please before you shoot down my sugges
  13. I have been having a lot of lag and even lagged out after completing a dungeon, I did 4 runs earlier and 3 out of those I had to rejoin my party, I was just wondering if it was just me.
  14. IMO I think that when controller support does get implemented it'll include most controller types, if it's 360, PS4 or lodgitech, I think it would support most all of'em.
  15. I can tell you one reason, people like myself have an issue with using KB/Mouse for extended time, so thats why it needs to be implemented.
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