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  1. Loading maps from HUB or Private Tavern has crashed me several times now. Not sure why, and I've done it with and without being part of a party. So, I'm not sure what's going on...but it's 4:15AM, and I'm already frustrated.
  2. I'm pretty sure you understand that they never intended this to be an easy grind to side-step giving them money for a quick P2W feel with their character market? Well, it feels that way at least. As for me...I just wish I could load a map. I don't know what updates have happened since the siege was added, but I can't load maps without my game crashing now...even from Private Tavern. Guess it's time for another long break until some things get sorted out...
  3. BTW, I still have this item. It's survived all the gear wipes for some reason....lol. It's virtually useless, but still funny that out of all the gear I had...this survived? XD
  4. So, I figured out that most of my errors come from Power Save mode. The only other question I have is, "Does Trendy plan on trying to give a simpler option for graphics on this game for potato computers like mine, or am I stuck with the frustration of: 10% successful login to HUB; 25% chance to fall through the floor after that successful attempt; and 100% chance to fail at getting back to HUB after completing a map?" It's highly frustrating to play in Power Save Mode just, because my laptop can't handle the graphics at the lowest setting on this game. It overheats in about 5 minutes of gameplay on the Balanced option with everything tuned down. Honestly, it's pretty lame of me to even bring this up to you guys...because it's my hardware that's the issue...but I've spent over 1500 hours playing this game...I love this game...and I would like to get more maps in :(
  5. OK...update....I found that traveling from Tavern to HUB and back is more stable than jumping to the Title Screen in case anyone else is having this issue.
  6. So, I keep getting this over and over and over and over and over and over....and then when I get in I have a no floor situation....already posted about floors.... Anyways, I am losing connection even though I have no other problems with anything else. What's going on? Do I need to manually open a separate port again? Is the server doing rolling restarts? Is there a time-logged thing that disconnects you if you've played too much? Not talking about AFK....but just being logged in for a while. I don't mean to be complaining constantly, but these are game-breaking bugs for me. I can't even get to the Soul Vendor right now, because HUB is completely inaccessible. If you could put the vendor in the Tavern I could still get to doing what I want to...but this portion of the game remains inaccessible. :(
  7. I have about a 30-40% chance each time I log into the HUB to be falling forever. I understand that this may be a bug you can't really address, because you may not even know what's causing it....but can you make it possible to open the map menu through the ESC menu? That way...I could just select a new map instead of having to go to Private Tavern, or quitting the game to restart. Please consider this, because it's really annoying and time consuming to keep having to reload on a potato laptop...
  8. Okay...I understand the nerf...not here about that....I've been farming these things all week, and gotten over 40 pairs of gloves. Why would I do this? I am seeking 3 stats to drop on them. Hero Damage, Hero HP, and Dryad's Blessing resistance. That's it... 2 of these SHOULD be really easy to get. I can understand having to farm like 15 or 20 gloves to get that one passive I need, but honestly? I've spent more time in this one map than I did in a 46-wave Liferoot Onslaught that I built myself. That includes getting disconnected from host bugs, and rebuilding the map to get stats back on towers. So, what's going on with this RNG? Why do I continually get disappointed by not seeing Hero HP and Hero damage paired up? Not everyone wants to build crit, because not everyone wants to follow the meta. I just want hero damage, hero HP, and blessing resistance...and I didn't think it would take an entire week of focus-farming to get it. I'd even take the 660 version too! Serously! This is ridiculous! The gloves have tower stats disabled, and it's taking this long?
  9. It's been a long road for me, and there was a huge gap where I couldn't play...but I got this new job, and I'm able to be a part of this growing game and story...and it's awesome! I just hope that the floors come back, because it's a little frustrating having to exit the game just to see if I'll be able to stand in town...lol. Well, 1500 down...on to 2000! :)
  10. I've been playing Dungeon Defenders 2 for over 1236 hours at this moment while I'm writing the message. I've posted numerous times on the forums, and even had my name pronounced on one of the DevStreams. It was just to see if you guys were really paying attention to me, but I was thoroughly impressed. That being said, I am on leave until 31 December. I think that if you are releasing new content within this time period I will be a great candidate for testing it out. I already play at least 4-8 hours a day on this game if I'm not tasked with other duties that day. I've also got one question to ask, if I may. Would Trendy ever consider giving us back at least the ability to boost attack speed of towers by upgrading them within the map? I can understand the loss of attack speed on gear, but their speed really made fun builds die out when it was lost entirely. I would also like to add that my favorite change so far is probably the Purge Aura. It makes grinding low-level areas actually fun. NM4 is manageable if you have a team of people that take the map seriously, but just joining up with random persons is most often a chore and failure. NM4 must be a hot topic, I'm sure, but I just don't think the attack speed is being stressed enough. It's not like I'm asking you to make the game boring. I just miss how fun it was in the very early days of this game. Also...my final question...was I supposed to get the special costumes for leveling characters? I got the hats for 240 iPWR rollbacks, but I didn't get any other costumes before that just from completing an in-game challenge. Thanks for reading, and keep up the good work! V/R, Jason(Vahlkrin Hursch)
  11. Found this epic loot from NM3 - End Game - DragonFall Bazaar
  12. Note: I think you've had a really good turnaround with the large towers update that came with SAS. 1.) Will a system be implemented that will allow for a Private map (once spawned) to be made Public? I used to build private maps all the time in DD1, and then open for public after I had all my defenses placed. It was less frustrating that way to have a group match with people I didn't know. 2.) Has Trendy found out why there are collision issues with Ogres / Special enemies that will just walk over blockades? If so, will we see this fixed in the near future? 3.) Will flying kobolds ever have their damage tuned down? They tend to 1-shot defenses / heroes, and will take down the crystal on NM4 in 2 hits. This seems pretty unforgiving as it is. 4.) Is there a chance we could have the ability to re-roll passives on Legendary gear? Finding the correct affixes to roll on a Legendary item is hard enough, but it's terribly disappointing when the passive rolls lower than Mythic quality. It would be a huge help to be able to fix some of those terrible pieces that are already so hard to find. 5.) Can you say, "Babbling Bumbling Bunch of Baboons" 5x fast? (Lightning) Will Cannonball Towers or Training Dummies be getting any passives? (Lightning) Will there be emotes? (Lightning) Will there be ways to acquire previous Monthly pets in the future?
  13. So, NM4 wall damage is like triple if not more. Squire nerfed yet again. First, they took away all the attack speed from harpoons...now they make it impossible to build walls in NM4. Squire has no function anymore. Great work with that. Hope it was a bug, because if it wasn't...I've got no reason to keep playing anymore. Just put in over 1,000 hours yesterday (I'm at 1,005 now). This has to be the biggest hit to squire by far. Literally...you made them useless. Thanks for crushing what little hope I had for this patch.
  14. Suggestion: 1/2 their damage (at least) 2 kobolds (air) hitting my crystal on NM4, and it's game over. Not even exagerating...it took only 2! They completely ignored the Sky Guards, and decided to Game Over.
  15. Dear Trendy Entertainment, I have been a long-standing fan of the Dungeon Defenders series even after becoming banned in the first installment for holding what was "apparently" a hacked item. I lost my leaderboard rank even though it was not gained with this item, and I was forced to play on the non-ranked servers. After this, I simply couldn't play the first installment any longer. I tried to send messages, but my pleas fell on deaf ears. Alas, that is not the point of this thread. My point is "progression." It's a subject many of us debate and argue over in the forums, DevStreams, and also in-game. As for my title, "Still Motion" it's probably the best description for it. Each frame to me describes a time period in which progression was stopped. The movie is only a movie when all of these frames are put together to give the illusion of movement. So, am I complaining or applauding? Neither...I'm pleading. I'm simply asking that you take a step back from your ceaseless efforts to push as much content on us as you can, and take a look at what you're doing. Do you see the underlining fruit of your efforts? You've turned a game into something both challenging and stressful. A game should be challenging, yes. You've done this to great effect. However, you've also caused the community a great deal of stress in the process. It's been a heartbreaking setback to many of my friends, and myself. The first time I logged back into Dungeon Defenders 1 after almost 2 years of being absent I was treated to the announcement of Dungeon Defenders 2 having been released for Pre-Alpha, and that you could purchase a special edition to become a Defense Councilor. Naturally, I jumped at the opportunity. The initial content was only up to Throne Room, and a few extra levels. However, I was having a blast! The levels were great, the towers seemed effective on a great many builds. I was constantly jumping into random parties to check out someone else's idea of what to do for a situation...it was grand to me. I left for about 3 months to return to a different game after logging in about 650 hours. When I came back, there had been a huge wipe of all data. I was shocked at the wipe, but it was nothing I couldn't handle. I quickly jumped back to max level, and was diving into Nightmare Mode 4 as excited as ever to see all these new levels and difficulties. Then, it happened...Alpha. Alpha was something not a lot of the community wanted to embrace. I was scared of it too, but I had spent a week preparing for the rollback. Fully armed with my 240 gear, I was ready for the changes. I wanted to be back at the top-tier game as soon as I could so I would be able to pull my friends along with me. The changes brought about though would give us even more opportunities to really test our resolve. One by one, my friends became dissatisfied, angered, and gave up. I was alone again, and had to find a new group of people to help with build concepts and progression. However, it has become painfully obvious to me now that the "progression" has been driven into one direction for many weeks now. Whether this was intentional or not, I don't know. However, it's just unavoidable now. In the end-game content, you cannot clear anything anymore without traps and frost towers. All of the cannons, harpoons, flamebursts, and earthshatters have been nerfed so badly by the loss of their attack speed that they're not even considered for builds anymore. When they are, they're quick to show that they cannot support the lanes they're designated to. The concept of being able to buff traps with long range towers has proven to be so much more useful than a cannonball, etc...that you have now created a "Meta" in your builds. Nothing beats them. This is why I believe your current "progress" is in a single frame. It has completely stopped at NM3, and it's only achievable with trap builds. If you have seen otherwise (without using legendary gear) Please! Please! post a video or something to show myself and the rest of us what we're doing wrong. Show us how we can make these other towers useful for builds that don't rely on overpowered traps/frost tower combos. I'd like to see my friends back online, but they refuse to play a game that doesn't have versatility in play style. Honestly, I don't blame them either. I'm just stuck playing this game over and over, because I'm too stubborn to quit. It causes me a great deal of stress to see "Defeated" over and over, but I'll be here...and I'll endure it, because I know that you will eventually come to your senses.
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