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  1. We have 2 mini-bosses that don't drop any loot.... Pirat dude and Draken dude..... talking about random maps beside those where they originate from. So, for next update (coming next month) please give them their specific loot so that we aren't short handed when they spawn. And that would be nice way to ease the grind for those specific mods. I hope you will back this great idea. Sincerely mine.... @Elandrian @mark
  2. Whenever you feel ready to come back you will be welcomed. Gobu has a special spot in his community waiting for you. You will never ever be alone again
  3. Issue was already a topic on this forum and Lawlta dude confirmed that it is not intended and they are working on it to put it back. Cheers.
  4. When we defend these sacred grounds Norway will be next to deal with..... nowhere to run or hide!
  5. I would like heal back (as it was on a serenity before) and hero damage boost mod for a hero standing on it..... cheers!
  6. Trendy, don't doubt yourself. You can do it! Please do
  7. you forgot to tell us how many maps have you done in those 3 days..... average player do couple of maps a day..... cheers
  8. Totally agree with Juicedude..... writing this just to keep this post more visible..... and to support it ofc
  9. Such a solution was proposed months ago, but yeah.... they should do something like that. Have balls @Trendy to do this
  10. Same for me.... it started few day ago (probably with last hotfix).... also on EU. Will try other servers... edit..... same on US East... so back to EU and lag and rubber banding comes and goes
  11. It can also turn random players into complainers
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