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  1. Nothing about it makes it any better than any other weapon for AP/Crit I was just giving a best case example that you could justify using it for. I myself can't justify using it for anything since I have no desire to play an ability power Gunwitch. People are expecting a lot of value from the Megashark because it's a 750 weapon when in reality, there's no real reason to use it over what else is available. Unless you love clearing trash mobs I guess.
  2. Ok, you guys are getting the megashark expecting it to be a left click blender of doom. It's not. If you're trying to use it with a hero damage/hero crit build, you're gonna have a bad time. If you're trying to use it with a hero damage/ability power build, you're gonna have a bad time. Where this weapon shines (relative to the other builds), aside from maybe trash clear, is in an ability power/crit damage build with as much crit chance as possible and the sphere that reduces ability cooldowns per crit. Tl;dr - Try the Megashark out for ability power crit based builds. It's bad for hero crit/
  3. My guess is that your teams are probably more likely the reason for your failures than the actual difficulty of the game. Most likely people building whatever they want, building tons of weak towers instead of upgrading a couple, wasting defense units, poor tower placement, no knowledge of combos, etc.
  4. Granted I stopped playing DD1 after the first Crystal dlc but, wasn't the Barbarian similar in that it was a class with no towers?
  5. Is there like a rule of thumb to follow for tower builders? I'm all mathed out from exams and not in the mood to try to calculate optimal stats, so if anyone knows I'd love to hear about it, lol.
  6. What stats do you feel is optimal for each class and for what role? For example, my upgrade points mostly go towards defense power for my aura monk and anything else I try to fill with defense speed. For my apprentice I do the same because I love earthshatter towers. I suppose if I was going for a pure support build focusing on ice towers and earthshatters for cc, most of my damage coming from my abilities. So, defense speed and ability power. For my huntress I go defense health and hero damage so that my traps pretty much last an entire map without having to repair or upgrade them. That wa
  7. I found an epic level staff for my monk in the store for 9k gold, bought it, it took the gold, but failed to give me the item. Searched all my bags multiple times and could not find it.
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