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  1. I tried to recreate my config files like it says in the possible solutions in support: Go to where the game is installed, and navigate to the following directory: \Dungeon Defenders 2\DunDef2\UDKGame\Config Then delete (or cut to a separate folder if you want to back them up in case it doesn't work) all the files that start with UDK. There should be around 14 of them. Try re-running and see if that has an impact. You'll find the files will re-create themselves once you run the game. Re-ran the game, and immediately crashed prompting me with an error box: Now each time I run it, that's what I
  2. Same thing is happening to me, been happening for at least 2-3 weeks (maybe more). Reinstalled, used no launcher, etc. I recently upgraded my computer (Early January), so it could have to do with my specs, which are similar to OPs. Before the upgrade, everything worked but that was when I last played in November/early December. My Specs: OS: Windows 10 64-bit Mobo: MSI Z97 GPU: Nvidia GTX 670 CPU: i5-4690k Ram: Corsair DDR3 8GB
  3. Hi! I'd be more than happy to look into this for you. Check your PMs! If his account is linked via Steam family share between his friends and his then that's the problem. [[5896,users]] mentioned it'd be get looked at and fixed, but guess it hasn't.
  4. In Path of Exile and games alike, there is a hardcore mode for your character. You create a character and play through the game. In POE, if your character at any time dies, it is moved over from the hardcore mode to the normal mode. In other games, the character is wiped for good and can't play it again. There are leader boards for hardcore mode and adds a new dynamic to the game. Now with DD2, their are several reasons why the typical hardcore mode probably won't work but can probably come up with a way to make it work. Why want a Hardcore Character Mode? Adds incentive to play the game.Makes
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