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  1. you cannot imagine how much ppl feel this way...
  2. when we can wait for the next fix? Serenity aura does not slow down. how we can play without it...
  3. И давно это мой родной язык стал Французским?Почему я об этом узнаю только сейчас о_О P.s. Have same problem. Это просто такое выражение, не бери в голову =)
  4. Excuse my French. Игра не работает, мужики!!! Сделайте что нибудь!!! :( ):
  5. Maybe this is due to the fact that our favorite developers will soon release an update? O_O Then I'm ready to calm himself, but if not then I'll be sad because I need to perform a daily task that will soon get Uber.
  6. I believe too, and maybe u know, when is the patch coming?
  7. This mode is going to be called Onslaught and is planned to be released in the next patch. They had a live stream of it in their last devstream, which you can watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOV8rU3t1hs It'll be for all maps? And for Betsy's 3 maps too?
  8. Hello, can u add in game map with endless waves? With each wave of mobs becoming harder.
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