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  1. they want it to be f2p and not p2w so all they sell is just too look good and get a nice tavern.
  2. (hero costumes, tavern customization, and maybe weapon skins?) and boosters for XP. dont know about weapon skins maybe but for the boost for exp.. will probably not happend as it gives u a advantage ingame.
  3. as i seen alot of ppl what it easier and other wants it harder.. as i suggest in an other post.. maybe they could do some option at start of the game.. like beginner, veteran, expert.. as beginner get more mana at start for upgrades and tower. and expert gets less mana at start. and after u taken what u want u can choice from normal and hard.. alot of games already has this option maybe it would work here as well. and the range well mage has 2 towers that has a really huge range frost and earth tower so if u think ur towers dont hit far enought why dont use few of them in ur build? for me h
  4. i agree. but maybe they could do like choice at the start of the game.. like Beginner, veteran, expert and what u choice there will effect the game in green crystals. like beginner gets say 500 more green mana at start and expert get some less green mana at start just to boost the challange abit. i think its to easy as soon i was able to start doing hard mode i took it.. but its still easy doest feel as a hard mode. the modes are more like.. normal = easy, hard = normal. i just hope that nightmare will be alot more of a challange.
  5. i think the mana drops are right. they want to make sure that everyone plays with the hero and not just building up there defenses and go afk i didnt have any problem with green mana when i lvled up i think its to easy as i just hit lvl 25 i when for 25++ hard and we didnt have much trouble getting victory there and we didnt even farm for good gear to get there.. had about item power 54 and its recommended around 80.. just work on good builds and run around with ur char collecting green mana and slay a few monster in each lane and upgrade when u can and u should be fine..
  6. hi guys around 3 hours left sitting and waiting on getting my hands on the game. i have just finished up what i have to do and getting all the snacks and energy drinks i need for an all nighters. so its only 1 thing that is missing now
  7. council members had to pay 30$ steam EA pays 25$ and will have a 20% discount on the first week.. yeah cheaper :) well depends how u see on it? :) u have to look what u get not just the money.
  8. Steam won't have the same goodies... but it will be cheaper! Cheaper?
  9. hi i was reading a thread about if there was gona be a wipe when realesed, but didnt have time to write then and cant find it now. well iam expecting a full wipe at realese, as i watched alot of there stream and my understanding is gona be 100% F2P and not P2W and i seen the answer the Defense Councillors has given. and i was thinking about it sometime. so here is my thoughts there should be a full wipe for all Defense Councillors and the steam buyers when this is realesed. WHY? well if not this game goes from F2P to P2W before its even realesed, as everything didnt get the same deal. as Defe
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