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  1. Everyone needs to stop complaining and re-read the follow-up post in this thread by [[14,users]]. If you read it carefully, it says quite simply that if you can see the Monthly quest in your quest window, you're already going to earn the pet. Only the tokens and title wouldn't be automatically given, but they're going to be offered at a highly reduced rate so you can finish it in at most all of the 4 days left in the month plus some normal play time until then. Does this suck if you were very close? Yes. Is this an amazing way for them to fix the problem to take care of everyone regardless? Yes. So please, give them a break when they're already doing a lot to take care of us all in what is as advertised, a pre-release Alpha game.
  2. Lightning: Any chance at adding the "Bone Collector" title to the achievement pane for anyone who purchases all 4 skins and the pet in game with gems? Lightning: I can currently go from Private or Matched Tavern to Social tavern through the door, but still (after multiple patches/fixes) can't go from Social to Private like we could when the feature first launched. Do you intend to fix this soon? Long Form: Any updates with the open alpha launch at considerations for adding the iPwr requirement back in at a difficulty level rather than map level? (i.e. NM1 requires iPwr X, nm2 iPwr Y, etc) The thought was to extend out end game play, not have everyone jump straight into NM3/4 as a noob lvl 50.
  3. The whole point of the current system is building up to that unique pet or weapon specific to defending 13-17 waves (and 25-30) to earn. It defeats the purpose if you can just change what you want so you can earn all the unique rewards in one run.
  4. If there's any one thing that should be taken away by the Dev's from this entire thread, it's this post above.
  5. With all the changes to passives, it feels like Tower Defense has been left behind. When most builds don’t include a tower other than frosty or AA, something is wrong. What are your current plans to adjust the DPS/Impact of towers (this even includes fixing flamethrower aggro) in the coming future? Lightning: Can we please have pet affection and power levels stay the same when evolving, since they are still as “experienced” and “loving” before the evolution as they are after? (I really hope my pet didn’t become stupid and now hates me… looks at Charizard) Lightning: If the map ends and there’s loot left on the map that doesn’t get auto-collected, is it sold for Gold or just trashed?
  6. Lightning (maybe): Currently the pet experience system is broken for end game players. I've got 6 50's, and unless I go into the non end game content, I can't possibly hit 75 affection levels (2.5 per day) with the current affection xp gain inside of 30 days. Are you doing anything to fix this soon or are end game only players out of luck? Lightning: We spend a TON of money and time leveling pet affection and experience, but every time we evolve it starts us back a 0 for the level and it's a MASSIVE grind to get back up (especially for elder). Have/Can you consider keeping the current Experience and Affection levels on evolution (since technically they are still just as happy and experienced as before the evolution)?
  7. Lightning: What are plans for the Shellium Shards? I'm hoping they will be usable beyond just pet upgrades in the future.While you did ditch the iPwr requirements in the past, what are your thoughts on bringing back a modified version of that? For example: To play any NM1 Map, you need iPwr of X. To play any NM2 map you need iPwr of Y. And so on. This would likely help slow game progress down just a little, encourage more game play on the NM1-3 maps, and prevent skipping straight to NM4 in the future.
  8. One of the funnest things inside of DD1 was the ability to flip the tables and become the attacker. It would be cool if a future play option (varying difficulties) would be to assault the maps to destroy the cores with a given time limit just like the old Assault Challenge maps. This would utilize all existing maps and would be a different game mode (just like Incursion is today). This would only be available at level 25 to promote end game growth & longevity.
  9. Apprentice Icy Hot: Flame Towers now fire bolts of ice which chill and slow enemies (Flame Tower spd reduced by x%), while the Frost Tower now shoots a beam of hot plasma at enemies (Frost Tower range reduced by x%). Graphic Changes: Flame Tower now has blue balls that are fired instead of orange/redFrost Tower beam is orange/red instead of blueOverall very simple graphical changes
  10. Honestly I run 2 monks: 1 Rapid Fire focused with + elec Spd, the other + boost and + def HP. I've never once had my Rapid Fire monks Aura die, even on the most difficult of maps/situations and I've never had any + def hp on him. I'm not sure if you're still having that issue, but there's got to be something you're doing if your elec aura's are dropping that rapidly.
  11. If the shop selections were expanded to more available options in the set intervals, they'd be more useful. As it stands right now I like having 2 different people for the gear, and would be fine adding a 3rd to deal in just weapons, but I would like to see an improvement overall through one of a couple ways: More items available to buy from the listGuaranteed item quality offered (i.e. 1 Myth, 2 Epic, 3 Common, etc.)Add a Weapons Specialist to sell Weapons separate rather than with the armor (Relics have their own... why not weapons?)
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