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  1. I'm with you on a lot of the ups and downs. To me, DD2 always felt like it was close to breaking through, but something always held it back at every patch. I think the current product is in fairly good shape, but a number of mechanics designed to encourage spending are my biggest gripes at the moment - namely inventory management. The game never felt as complete as DD1, but I've certainly spent a crap ton of time on it. As bittersweet as it is, I am excited to see DD2 put on the backburner and have another title take core focus. Obviously, the hope of the community and the dev team is that going back to DD1 as the base for a new title will help bring back into focus some of the magic of the original that was lost in DD2 while taking notes on the elements that worked well in DD2. Regarding your sentiment on what this Kickstarter feels like - DDA is being made whether you contribute or not. That's been made clear repeatedly. I don't point that out to encourage you to back it. I only want to point out that the game already has resources allocated to development with that being the intended result. Unlike other the majority of Kickstarter projects where the development of the title is solely dependent on the result of the funding campaign, DDA gets made win or lose. Contributing to the Kickstarter will have an influence on the breadth of content in the first release. I usually share your view on Kickstarters, but that is objectively not the case here.
  2. I think the core challenge here will be making that much variety rewarding. I want so badly to have a wide range of experiences, but I really hope I am not pinned into one mode simply because it is significantly superior in terms of rewards. I really want to be able to hop around different kinds of experiences and not feel punished in terms of progression for doing so.
  3. You actually don't even have to open a chest in DD2 for the starting mana. It is provided when you load onto the map. This is sorely missed when trying to play DD1 again. It feels like a chore.
  4. Definitely want the feature to show up in DDA. The concept of always getting to improve, even when you don't necessarily land a new item upgrade, it a great feature. There's room to debate how it helps you power up and so on, but I hope to see something like that in the game.
  5. You can purchase a Visa gift card at many retailers and that can be used just like a crediit card online.
  6. Introducing the Chromatic Games launcher and store front. Now you can fragment your library across another content distribution platform. It's like Ancient Power but for your game library - buy all your favorites again just like you did when when they were first released! /s
  7. I have a 10/10 heavy chip chest piece. I will let it go for 2,352,942 gold. My steam profile is linked to this account. I'm online throughout the day - let me know if you'd like to trade.
  8. I share that concern, but honestly find it wasn't a huge deal in my DD1 experience. I filtered those kinds of players out of my pool, but it puts a big strain on players who focus on public play rather than focusing on a core group. As for DD2, I don't think I've seen any issue like that. Definitely some instances of people exploiting over tuned mechanics, but that's a different issue.
  9. Even knowing the packs will be meatier is great news. As much as I loved having DLC in DD1, it was sometimes hard to know what was going to deliver the best value since there was just so much of it.
  10. All items are stored server side on DD2. It is generally not possible to edit the items. There were a few stand out cases of item duplication that were abuse, but nothing along the lines of what DD1 experienced. I would imagine DDA will be built with a similar focus on keeping as much of that content server side to avoid the ability for players to edit local game memory for an advantage.
  11. I can respec my Paragon points in Diablo on any map. There's one at least and that's a title that has been evolving features since 2014. I never said any of those things were off the table. However, the suggestion that the game will move in that direction seems incompatible with today's design themes. The idea that you have to return too a hub to fiddle with character load outs varies heavily based on the type of game and the play loop. That's what is going to be the biggest defining factor in the design choices for this iteration. Freeing players from these kind of restrictions is a tenant I'd like to see focused on.
  12. I know it is early days, but has there been any discussion regarding the direction of DLC packs for DDA? Specifically, I'd like to know if the idea of a season pass or early bundle that allows access to a breadth of content over time is being explored. I know the "season pass" concept can be a touchy subject, but when I look back on what DD1 was like there were many times where I felt overwhelmed by the amount of DLC available. I know the Eternia Shards packs touched on this concept - maybe something similar again? I'd love to be able to pay up front for a content pack, at a potentially reduced price, to get access to new DLC rather than buy it piecemeal. Avoiding the takeout menu effectt of DD1 would be great.
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