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  1. I'm with you on a lot of the ups and downs. To me, DD2 always felt like it was close to breaking through, but something always held it back at every patch. I think the current product is in fairly good shape, but a number of mechanics designed to encourage spending are my biggest gripes at the moment - namely inventory management. The game never felt as complete as DD1, but I've certainly spent a crap ton of time on it. As bittersweet as it is, I am excited to see DD2 put on the backburner and have another title take core focus. Obviously, the hope of the community and the dev team is that goi
  2. Definitely want the feature to show up in DDA. The concept of always getting to improve, even when you don't necessarily land a new item upgrade, it a great feature. There's room to debate how it helps you power up and so on, but I hope to see something like that in the game.
  3. I have a 10/10 heavy chip chest piece. I will let it go for 2,352,942 gold. My steam profile is linked to this account. I'm online throughout the day - let me know if you'd like to trade.
  4. I'm with you on not liking the look, but you may miss out on a lot of great gaming experiences if that's enough to stop you.
  5. If you are already having fun with DD2 how does the team switching core focus to another title have any impact on that? Keep playing the game you enjoy. For years now people have still been playing DD1, despite DD2's existence as the main development focus. DD2's player count, at least on PC, has been in near constant decline while the team focused heavily on its development. It doesn't make sense to continue that level of investment.
  6. That's been an issue for months. The addition of the Cannon Ogre really highlighted this to people. Can't wait to see this resolved - it's a major game killer.
  7. I felt them waning as I approached 100 and expected to have to replace them. I also feel I can get a lot more performance out of them if I respec to better focus emp flyers. Maybe folding in an anti chaos mod and potentially dropping a range shard in exchange for something more offensive. At that same onslaught level I had already noticed that I would need to upgrade SGT 1-2 times depending on the lane schedule to get them into good shape. Without that, emp flyers would usually get to them. Were you upgrading them throughout the wave, or expecting them to be a level 1 wonder? If you want to m
  8. Depending on the lanes LSA is a very high damage low cost option. Mixing those with some high CC like Oil Traps can hold certain boss combos. I usually have to mix in walls and cannons to deal with the omega waves. I prioritize Pirate Ogres and Yetis. They tend to just walk through things. Javelin throwers can be easily ignored with a reflect wall. Malthius also falls into this category as he will often sit there attacking the first thing in range and won't move forward until it is dead. Normal Ogres are usually ignored as most towers can clear them quickly without much struggle. Steam Rol
  9. You got me. I was lying the whole time. Controlled Burn lanes can't be beat. We should all quit.
  10. The exact number I could find, but it is probably 20-30 resets to hit a minimum floor equivalent to C7. However, that doesn't mean your gear will be C7 after the reset. You will still have to spend mats upgrading or replaying content to gear up. Additionally, the floor required to reset goes up as well, so it still takes a bit of a push to reset.
  11. End game ain't free. If that is enough to scare you off, this game probably won't ever be for you. Alternate options for CB lanes are geysers, weapon manufacturer, oil trap, ice tower. The major problem comes from headstrong + controlled burn. Those can be more challenging.
  12. Earthshatter, Weapon Manufacturer, PDT, and Skyguard was enough to drive to 90+. Cannonball and Explosive trap played second fiddle on some Spellbreaker lanes, but even those could be brute forced with the primary tower set.
  13. They noted on the dev stream it isn't as they desire. The lack of replay is a technical issue atm, not a design choice. Though, it may end up being made official if people like the idea of having to rebuild that nightmare of a map.
  14. Trondy mentioned it was a technical limitation at this time. It isn't necessarily a design choice.
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