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  1. why not just increase the du all round rather than force people into buying a character to have towers, that was half of dd1's downfall where the summoner made the game to easy.
  2. The thing is that some people will complain that they will need to return to Campaign to farm campaign shards if TE completely removes campaign shard box from Chaos. That's why I proposed a random lower difficulty shard box instead of always getting a campaign shard. Sorry didnt mean to remove standard packs from campaign, ment shards from standard packs dropping in c1-5 packs.
  3. There are all suggestions i've read in the forums over the last week? but ill answer anyway cause why not. 1. Shards; I agree and disagree on this, There are a few shards that could be moved around *cough range shard to standard packs* since they have a very large effect on game play tower wise, but there are allot of shards that are kinda just meh (retribution, worm scarf and so on.) The main thing i'd like is to get rid of standard pack shards coming into chaos packs. 2.Trials; This needs a rework, I hate the idea of re rolling maps, id much rather play through all 4-5 maps and have a more fun reward, but then you got to realize the average player can't invest that much time all the time so they would have to implement allot of things for the more casual out there. But in saying that, I don't care much about pleasing casuals and at the moment how the game works, neither does the TE. I'd like to see this become another option with incursions and play out and reward a little differently. 3.Difficulty; Yes, the game is difficult if you try and take shortcuts or are playing in a 4man group with below the tier builders without everyone actively playing and organised. I would like t see tweeks to make allot more options viable but this could possibly be going to far... id much rather see assassin's more controllable, I shouldn't have to build and go afk because i cant be bothered dealing with them so i just let them kill me till i time out then possibly lose to a siege roller if my towers cant deal with it. 4.Gear; Yes I like this idea, make legendary s great again, would also like to see the terraria weapons have a random roll to whatever your current heroes ipwr is or w.e the same way items drop so we can use those passives again. ( really want a north pole) 5.Mandatory shards; This is true, there are shards that far outshine others especially when it comes to building certain defenses, such as ramsters, frostys with twin beams and so on. even tho there are allot of shards there will always be superior shards there is no helping that, but a shard such as range which has such a giant impact shouldn't be so hard to get, im at ascension 300 and have only stumbled across 1 the adverage player could be lucky and have more or even none its all rng but without that 1 shard I would have allot of a harder time if I didn't have the ascension levels. 6. Loot; This doesn't bother me at all, with the way shards work, gearing up through each difficulty is a smart idea and taking your time to reach the end could benefit you allot more in the long run and make the game allot more enjoyable. I'm not really fond of limiting what a player can do or forcing them into daily's and what not but eh I don't see it as a big problem if your gonna invest time in the game your gonna get there eventually and if you are smart you will figure out the best strategy's to get there faster. limiting players through ipwr and ascensions is a bad idea. Imagine having to do 300 c1 runs just to be able to play c4, Yeah no thanks.
  4. I'm against increased loot drop, But I would like it if legendary always scaled to 0/60 so no matter what it would be worth keeping. Using mythicals due to upgrade amount isn't a bad thing, but it makes allot of legendarys worthless and takes away the feel of them
  5. Destruction and Vampiric Empowerment should get you through the game if you upgrade your medalion at each difficulty. Once you hit C4 You may run across a Defence rate shard which will make your towers hit even faster which goes good with things like empowerment and water elemental, but that is gamble dps but it can come with high rewards when your attack rate is so low, you will also need allot of ascension points to make up for not using a range shard :P deadly strikes makes everything easier, but if you max the ascension gambit you shouldn't need it, atleast for flames which allows more dmg yeee haww afk mode. it seems with how DU is split up u get about 3to4 flamethrowers per lane and possible frost tower, or 3 rams per lane. sometimes to push to next difficulty it may take not having defence in a lane to actually progress and just have a wall and use a hero. There really isn't much strategy to the game, if you know the build is viable its just about getting the stats and positioning your towers better and better with trial and error, its very hard to make mistakes with so little options (unless your into gimping yourself and losing maps and not being rewarded). Always upgrade frosty towers if you decide to use them when maxed they are beyond godlike but they are not needed. If you manage to make it to c5 and have empowered frostbite that would be the only time id say to use frosty duet, even on another mage just to build a "Safe space" to kite assassins into and slay them. If you have a range shard and abyss lord, id probably use ramsters instead tbh, its just all around easier, brute force build, find the best section of a lane, build it 1-2 walls 2-3 ramsters gg. no muck around. Don't be disheartened current c3 would be like nm7. C1 would be old nm3
  6. Aside from range gambits/Crit and hero health? ascension points don't make you that much stronger and i dont see anyone getting asc 3000 anytime soon. Sure it could be modified, there are allot of things that can be modified but ascension points is the least of my worrys atm and i am enjoying getting them.
  7. I think it's more that people are upset that the balance has essentially pigeonholed them into using a small set of towers, making the majority overwhelmingly useless. That, and the significant increase to grind, like having to upgrade your gear with exorbitant amounts of gold in order to see an upgrade. For example, grinding out C1 which is essentially afkable for me because I need those range shards is not particularly fun. I would rather be making progress. by the time you finally grind it out you may already have enough gambit points that you won't need it, unless you wanna go ramsters :P
  8. Yeah such a drag, I thought trials were gonna be trials. We should have to complete all the maps for a reward i say then increase that reward. loading simulator can get boring especially if you wanna be lazy aswell and just do a casual map.
  9. Duping items is a defenite possibility, all it takes is someone with knowledge of how to send packets to the server and a few other things. it is something thats very possible and I wouldnt be suprised if it happen or has happened already. there were some interesting things you could do with net limiter a while ago by almost disconnecting yourself and cause multiple activations for a single item use.
  10. 140 levels later, still not even 1 defence range shard. RIP life.
  11. its because frostys have little boy range. its actually so small the slow effect doesnt kick in with the 2 prong frosty.
  12. I'm wondering what the range of stats are like per chaos level. We can make our own iPwr chart at some point to save each other on gold? I've been farming C4 a fair bit well upgrading gear today and Reached Legendary armor with around 1200 stats, and relics with 2.5k sub stats, hitting high 7k main stat fully upgraded 60/60. also upgraded weapons are hitting close to 3.5k dps fully upgraded with close to 3k secondary stats. If anyones gone ham and ground it out further, just wondering what my limitations could be on c4, or if someone wants to share there drop stats from a lower difficulty feel free to share the knowledge
  13. pro tip, blue and purple are legendarys without as many shard sockets, so make sure you check'em
  14. I'd love some minimap options, Mainly colours and/or shapes for different monster types. Id love to keep my trash red, bu id like to see cyborks more clearly since they are the only thing that render builds viable.would be nice to modify colours or shapes for every monster tbh just red and yellow doesn't really allow me to move my character fast enough by what i see on the map at times and it can be frustrating in solo play when trying new things. especially when you need to disable specific mobs to be able to win easily.
  15. Easy enough to do, bit of a bad buzz. Would be nice if we didn't have a console layout and could change those hotkeys Z and S are far to close together
  16. The UI is my least favorite part of the patch, Then its probably those orcs that disable traps.
  17. No, surprisingly enough you are the only one playing the game. If you want to break into chaos5 you may need a team of 4. otherwise goodluck (team of 4 doesn't make it much easier.)
  18. Tbh i think the inventory looks worse, and the UI for switching heroes looks worse also, I played a few maps i'm not sure if im going to enjoy this update but it may be to early to tell.
  19. Sure if it was my $300, If you went to a store and baught $300 worth of an item, then that item got removed from there shelves would you give the item back without getting your money back? Uhhh... no... You don't get your money back for buying an item that later becomes discontinued. Nothing has ever worked that way. Sorry. not discontinued but recalled. Pet bags in a sense have become discontinued but by a moral standpoint is it ok to not refund people IF we were to not get the bags? If someone spent 1200gems more and came out with less George Soros wins it doesn't matter anyway we are getting the bags, you can paint the picture however you like, there is a right and a wrong if you like to be done wrong then that's on you. we will just agree to disagree since it doesn't matter anymore.
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