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  1. why not just increase the du all round rather than force people into buying a character to have towers, that was half of dd1's downfall where the summoner made the game to easy.
  2. The thing is that some people will complain that they will need to return to Campaign to farm campaign shards if TE completely removes campaign shard box from Chaos. That's why I proposed a random lower difficulty shard box instead of always getting a campaign shard. Sorry didnt mean to remove standard packs from campaign, ment shards from standard packs dropping in c1-5 packs.
  3. There are all suggestions i've read in the forums over the last week? but ill answer anyway cause why not. 1. Shards; I agree and disagree on this, There are a few shards that could be moved around *cough range shard to standard packs* since they have a very large effect on game play tower wise, but there are allot of shards that are kinda just meh (retribution, worm scarf and so on.) The main thing i'd like is to get rid of standard pack shards coming into chaos packs. 2.Trials; This needs a rework, I hate the idea of re rolling maps, id much rather play through all 4-5 maps and have a mor
  4. I'm against increased loot drop, But I would like it if legendary always scaled to 0/60 so no matter what it would be worth keeping. Using mythicals due to upgrade amount isn't a bad thing, but it makes allot of legendarys worthless and takes away the feel of them
  5. Destruction and Vampiric Empowerment should get you through the game if you upgrade your medalion at each difficulty. Once you hit C4 You may run across a Defence rate shard which will make your towers hit even faster which goes good with things like empowerment and water elemental, but that is gamble dps but it can come with high rewards when your attack rate is so low, you will also need allot of ascension points to make up for not using a range shard :P deadly strikes makes everything easier, but if you max the ascension gambit you shouldn't need it, atleast for flames which allows more dmg
  6. Aside from range gambits/Crit and hero health? ascension points don't make you that much stronger and i dont see anyone getting asc 3000 anytime soon. Sure it could be modified, there are allot of things that can be modified but ascension points is the least of my worrys atm and i am enjoying getting them.
  7. I think it's more that people are upset that the balance has essentially pigeonholed them into using a small set of towers, making the majority overwhelmingly useless. That, and the significant increase to grind, like having to upgrade your gear with exorbitant amounts of gold in order to see an upgrade. For example, grinding out C1 which is essentially afkable for me because I need those range shards is not particularly fun. I would rather be making progress. by the time you finally grind it out you may already have enough gambit points that you won't need it, unless you wanna go ramsters
  8. Yeah such a drag, I thought trials were gonna be trials. We should have to complete all the maps for a reward i say then increase that reward. loading simulator can get boring especially if you wanna be lazy aswell and just do a casual map.
  9. Duping items is a defenite possibility, all it takes is someone with knowledge of how to send packets to the server and a few other things. it is something thats very possible and I wouldnt be suprised if it happen or has happened already. there were some interesting things you could do with net limiter a while ago by almost disconnecting yourself and cause multiple activations for a single item use.
  10. 140 levels later, still not even 1 defence range shard. RIP life.
  11. its because frostys have little boy range. its actually so small the slow effect doesnt kick in with the 2 prong frosty.
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