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  1. Im not a big fan of monthly objectives. I think you need people logging on every day not playing a couple times for long periods. Make dailies that are beat 2 certain maps. I do like ideas of what would be kind of like weeklies but donth like monthlies because short term goals would be more productive. I think the daily bonus loot system should be combined w the daily system. so lets say you do 4 dailies and then the 5th daily you do you also get a weekly bonus. If you did keep monthlies it should be nothing more than a vanity pet or a possible skin and no coins or medals keep those to da
  2. It sounds to me like everyone that is complaining is complaining because they are forcing you to play different maps instead of letting you play the same 2 maps over and over again. I dont think the dailies are the problem i think the fact that you only like to play 2 certain maps is.
  3. You should remove the Reroll system because how exactly is a pet rerolled in real life? Just incorporate it into the breeding system where you take a male and female breed them and then certain stats are inherited with others being rerolled under a priority list similar to pokemon.
  4. Since its monthly and usually every month has a diff holiday I think 1 of the rewards should be holiday related or holiday event related at least. For instance the month easter is in would give bunny ears possibly. Looking into the future assuming we do get a customizable tavern or house There could also be a seasonal decoration that you possibly get for that month. I do still like unique monthly pets for some holidays and Keys. I firmly believe monthly rewards should have at least 1 unique item that pushes people to actually complete it and not be too difficult. We want people to keep com
  5. 1. Add male and female pets 2. Breeding a.) Appearance -feature similar to pokemon where if you put 2 pets of the same species ex. 2 diff cats together it will make a pet with the appearance of the female parent. b.)Geneology- When breeding pets that have same stat category ex +2 to tower dmg and +3 tower dmg the baby will always have + tower dmg. If they have diff abilities the other stats are rolled random but only rolls between those categories. If they are both mythic then the baby will be mythic. c.) alternative for appearance and geneology- The mother still affects t
  6. I would like to see and adjustable filter for in game loot drops. That way i can set it to lets say tower damage and range and items that give an overall increase to those are highlighted on map differently. Seems like i waste too much time sorting through hundreds of items in tavern and ignoring all in game drops or vice versa.
  7. They should currently have a Looking For More so someone can choose to be the leader and a Looking For Group that tosses you into someone elses tavern where you will not be the leader. I dont like the way it is currently where sheep can be tossed as the lead and leaders are forced to follow sheep.
  8. I miss the days of being able to see your trophies and achievements hanging on your wall
  9. I would rather you had a LFG and a LFM option. Sometimes when im alone i want to join another group and there is nothing more frustrating than when me and friends have a group and 1 person joins our party and he becomes the leader.
  10. It doesn't need to be an elevator its just an example. The tavern shouldnt be personalized it should be the hangout. Individual buildings should be personalized. The elevator was an example of how to make it seamless. You could always have a gate that leads to a little village. Once you enter the gate it pans out and shows them walking together as it loads their individual housing. That way you dont need to actually show 100000 individual houses just a rough grouping or bottle neck to get to it. The tavern is where you hang your house is where you decorate.
  11. My idea is to have an entire town to walk around. Instead of people having their own tavern why not give them their own little instanced house to decorate and then have the tavern the central area where everyone can interact. Almost like blizzard did with garrisons. So everyone has their own private area but its connected to the bigger player base without load screens to disconnect it. Another possible way to make it work is have a couple buildings with some sort of elevator to enter. You hit the buzzer which is basically a request to enter friends instance and if they accept elevator take
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