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  1. This is a old class concept I had posted over on the ORIGINAL DD around the time of Dungeon Defenders getting the Barbarian into it's ranks. While I am unaware of the exact roster of DD2 or all the changes, considering I'm just now getting used to DDE, I felt like giving this a bump to the new-age of Dungeon Defenders considering it did have some supportive comments. Who knows, maybe I'll get off my butt and actually add some new bits to it or something, Idunno. From here, it's copypasted. Enjoy. :skeleton: - Derping around on DD earlier today, and got to thinking of some stuff for a
  2. Don't forget the new combo: Crystal + 2 Goblins is a new debuff pattern, as mentioned in Patch Notes 40c
  3. If ya memorize the Wheel of Fortuna spins, and get the ones ya want (they're not randomly changing the wheel on you after all, and you have no timer, just the mana cost that's a pittiance on higher games) then you can pull off some insane moves, including whiping out a good chunk of a wave. I say that's the most useful power if you can learn her, though Move Tower is also a epic utility VS. Sharken and of course the weapon versatility she boasts. The presents, well... those may take some work to grow on people...
  4. As far as I know, the Jester doesn't have a matching effect, allthough the King's Game does. o,o how ya got the bonus on Auqa I got no idea.
  5. The problem is, everyone else seems to have crap luck, otherwise we wouldn't have so many threads saying 'I GOT CRAPPY LOOT, THE LOOT RNG MUST BE BROKEN!' The Jester meanwhile came in and now it's like 'I GOT CRAPPY LUCK, THE RNG FOR THE JESTER MUST BE BROKEN!'. Same ol, same ol I say :P
  6. Considering the Jester was scaled to around the Squire's stats, wouldn't comparing to see who does more between the Jester and the Squire make MORE SENCE? We allready know the Monk is OP when it comes to damage and pet damage :P
  7. My DPSer, Kita, due to her coloration as a reference to an older roleplay character of my creation (green/black) If I make a tower spec, Dicen (because fancy form of 'Dice') or Luckless, depending on how mean I wanna be...
  8. Working my first Jester as a DPSer. I may do a second later with towering stats, because the presents are silly and has merit at times. (Cides, not like we can't see it if we screw up, at least if it's not an Ogre that is)
  9. I dunno about the Jester being 'useless' but I do think she's gonna be an interesting choice, even if she IS gonna be a gamble, literally :P either way, 6 more days till we find out!
  10. I wasn't really picturing working with the SDK. If they're adding the Crystaline Dimension assets though, it's very tempting even just trying to make scenery :3
  11. My best experience recently HAS to definitely be my first run on Sky City. It was on medium, can't recall the other 3 people entirely but they were all in the mythic range (or just about). I built up squire defenses and a few minions, then went trollololing about in my combat EV Urbanmech, charging the laser for the boss fight. My jaw literally dropped when I saw the actual boss though. We seriously defeated it right when the defenses were going to finish falling on mid, and the sheer adrenaline in the moment was for the most part, beautiful :D
  12. Having beaten just about all of the original campaign on most difficulties, I decided that now I got the summoner to give the Real Time Strategist achievement a shot on Hard. I have a few queries related to it though: 1. Are pets factored into the equation? I often use DPS pets to keep my summoner safe while flying about, and unsure if the damage they do will disqualify a run. 2. Is Flash Heal outlawed? I know they specify that Phase Shift is safe, but for some reason it makes it sound like Flash Heal may screw one over. 3. I allready know that non-damage towers (aka Physical Beams, M
  13. I thought Barb got the Imposter Tavern Keep? Or is that just NMHC?That's an achievement reward, not part of the Legendary Parents
  14. I'm sorry, but I can't select just one :3 Area 1: Deeper Well - It's small and compact, yet even still the survival run can kick yer arse nine times till sunday, it's a great challenge and a good example of the rest of the game to come. Area 2: Castle Armory - Countess Ogre Punting never gets old, and this map is also rather open yet twisted in it's paths, allowing apprentice towers to rain bombardment in relative safety :3 Area 3: Ramparts - Mix of reasons. Death From Above, early access to Nightmare, the last level before it switches to night, the sight of the port below... However,
  15. Yes, but the pets do 90% of the work. One question though, when you make a dps apprentice weapon do you upgrade the normal damage or the elemental? ALWAYS do normal damage. Elemental doesn't scale as well. You'll also want to add in Charge Rate so you can get the biggest chargeshots. Think it maxes at 40 :apprentice:
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