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  1. What about the real rollover bugs? Weapons have confirmed bugs where the stats CHANGE when you pick them up, going negative and turning half the Huntress weapon drops totally useless, like -120 reload with 100 ups. Squire block does the same thing to give another example. This has been broken a long time and doesn't ever seem to be addressed.
  2. One thing to keep in mind is Proton Beams don't have the huge animation delay and so are about twice as powerful under a Buff Beam than a Shock Beam. If you can attach the Proton Beam to an existing Buff Beam it looks like a decent way to do some more damage if you have extra DU left over.
  3. Whats your SID, I can show you in game if you'd like. Nvm I think I found the right one, only 29 Ionizers, lol. Ok, now I see my problem. I didn't realize you were using Boost Beams AND Monk Tower Boost. Now everything makes sense again. :-)
  4. Yeah, I got the positioning right.. that's why I got a bit over double the damage with it buffed. But both sets of numbers are low. Half the damage buffed AND non buffed. I don't see how he is getting 600k unbuffed with 3000 tower attack.
  5. RoF is only the time it takes to fire the projectile. It does not include the animation. Hope that clears it up. That's my opinion on how it should work. I can't imagine how this could possibly be the way it should work. I have never seen ANY game talk about the speed of a weapon in any other terms than shot to shot. By making the attack rate be only part of the equation, and not even displaying the other half, it makes that statistic useless. If you ask someone how fast an Uzi shoots, they say "600 rounds a minute" or "a bullet every 0.1 seconds". They don't say, "There is a 0.03
  6. Its not faked, its a 3 star shock in a 3 star beam on NM, here's my EV's stats. I even show myself looking at the beam on them? The first was with boost, second without. The shock beam is VERY particular about being buffed, you have to have the end of the shock inside the buff to get it buffed. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198055861755/screenshot/541810680977159974 Hmm. Still not seeing those numbers. Running in a game in Nightmare mode, with 3500 attack and everything three starred I get... 287,376 damage. 658,638 damage boosted. How can you get double those numbers with 3
  7. What are the stats on your builders? Messing around in Local I got 3500 Beam Damage and a 3-star shock beam only does 288k damage. How high do you need to get 562k? The cycle time on Shock Beams lies. The animation is a bit over 2 seconds so the cycle time is much, much slower than the stats say.
  8. Expected, but still sad. Too many people are just greedy and selfish and lack empathy.
  9. There are probably several thousand loops in the code already. Adding one more isn't going to make the game start hanging and crashing. I doubt Trendy would just make it loop forever with no checks. A limit based on loop count or time spent would easily solve that. I can't imagine Tredny, after years of experience developing a complicated game would be incapable of writing a loop that doesn't crash the game. I may question some of their design decisions but they clearly CAN write code. :)
  10. one point of criticism: there couldn't be a re-roll mechanic that could reroll an item more than a few times. whenever you put in a rejection parameter on something as overreaching as loot, giving it infinite rerolls is asking for a crashed game. Looping item generation and then filtering them is pretty much how you write code to select from a complicated system. I doubt it's going to crash the game. Easy enough to put a limit on how long it checks per item. But either method would be better than what we have now, which is buggy, bad loot with rollovers and stats that were never meant
  11. That is exactly right. A tower on a 2.0 Resist Buff Beam will take 50% damage, so with a 26% drain that gets you to 13%. Assuming all towers start off with 0% resists. I haven't found any that don't, but have not tested them all either.
  12. Building your own isn't really an option if you want a laptop however. 100% agreed on towers though. I always build my own. Although these days it's less of an issue as everything is so cheap and fast anyway. Still, it's fun!
  13. Good luck. You can always pull the drive to get the data off if needed, either to get back up and running quicker of if the laptop is not fixable. That sort of thing is easier these days with SATA drives.
  14. I'd rather not have a DD2 unless we're able to import our characters and dlc from DD1 after completing the base campaign levels. That's one thing I loved about Little Big Planet 2. All those things you purchased, downloaded and, in some cases, created were still fully functional in the sequel. Agreed. The other requirement would be games NOT ENDING when Steam (or Trendynet) glitches. I understand that you can't prevent Steam or Trendynet from having occasional issues, and even the internet between you and them, but because of this the code needs to PLAN for it. Pause the game, wait for r
  15. [email]lostheroes@trendyent.com[/email] The one and only time I fell for this, trendy restored it all for me :). Just don't log in again till they say its restored (took <24 hours for me). Ahh, too late for me. I already have been farming Aqua trying to get another good Seahorse. My poor seahorse... such good stats and over 10b invested in it, at least. When you used "To Hero" in a sub folder and the replaced item went back in that sub folder that would be a help. Several item (like my Seahorse) were in subfolders but got moved out due to swapping out pets and weapons during t
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