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  1. about time been a long time waiting on this o.o
  2. the game starts up but all i get is a black screen the music from the main menu is playing but i cant see anything not sure whats going on my video drivers are up to date with the latest drive and i have uninstalled and reinstalled dd2
  3. im having no issues logging into the game that was while playing and it crashed hasnt happend since so not sure what really happend just wanted to get the pic out there for trendy incase its a bug
  4. The main thing, I believe, that Trendy is trying to accomplish by giving the losing side their points back is to not alienate players that continually lose the votes. If a player gets to the point where they just feel like nothing they want is making it into the game they'll abandon it. Thus, if you lose one vote you have a bit more say in the next vote. This seems to be piling up on some players and they will soon be able to sway the vote themselves. i can understand that but its a straight slap in the face to the winners still as its no longer an even playing field if i win i spend all my points and then i have no power in the next vote there trying to give people the power to vote but this is not the way at all the best way to do it would be to do as gutu has said wipe everyones point after the voting then that will make the field even
  5. this i was not aware of and that shouldnt even be happening if you spend your points on your choice and lose you should just save up for the next vote not the points being refunded not only is this not fair to the winning side but its pretty much is a slap in the face i spent all my points and won but for the next vote i have no points now yet they get all their points back no it shouldnt be happening and i like gutus idea a point wipe after every influence so people start fresh if your gonna refund the points to one side the other side should be getting the points as well regardless of wether or not they won
  6. makes no sense whatsoever as no points are currently returned to either side and shouldnt be ever its best this way as to level the playing field the people that have 300+ points are people that log into the forums/game everyday and thus accumulate a vast point collection
  7. i just want something more then oppresing goblins >:3 while i do want to see a pet breeding system lol :p just seeing if anyone else likes the idea :D
  8. Merits ^^ or perhaps masteries as you level you master the spec nodes more and more ^^ dunno :p
  9. i love dd2 and how it is progressing but what i think i would love to see is a couple systems put in to assist the in the future to come "market" and just helping players relax pet breeding: a system where you breed maxed out pets to have a chance at obtaining a pet with higher then average base stats/abilities relying on materials from gardening/farming fishing and mining which would crate a whole new area for the pet system Gardening/farming: allowing players to purchase a small plot of land outside the tavern with in-game currency to grow crops and other plants with the option of crossbreeding plants you could create a number of targetted pet foods to increase a pets stats while they are growing? mining: a purchasable mine that you can run through to find minerals and gems maybe even rare artifacts from the times of old that could be used to upgrade your current relics targetted stats or just a slight boost altogether fishing: something else that could be added that would let us just have some simple fun maybe add in a weekly trophy board that cycles the type of fish and is judged by weight/length and maybe the winners of the weekly contest wins gold or an item or pet food maybe i just think it would be something cool as a side thing that would promote the market when trading happens it would also enhance the other aspects of the game such as pet breeding/growing materials for any crafting system in the future maybe and give us something to do besides oppressing poor little goblins all day :p please share your thoughts on these systems ^^
  10. ive tried all these suggestions the kobolds simply run past my walls ignoring them "sometimes" not all times i use geysers/ice all the time and i combo lightning into gesyers yet they still manage to simply run through everything and *** my world over because of their massive damage
  11. im tired of the fact that a well thought out defense is useless vs stacking 40+ of 1 tower because of kobolds they are way to fast and their damage is ridiculous they offer no chances at making mistakes perfect example 40ish cannon towers on the squire clears anything with ease but setting up 4 earthshatters with knock up % + 2 ice towers and having the monks anti air tower + huntress geyser tower i lose every single time even though im comboing the games mechanics perfectly to get every little bit of dps out but it doesnt matter as kobolds are too fast for the ice towers and earthshatters and can run right over geysers because they are being flooded with other monsters please trendy do something about kobolds their damage is far beyond what it should be and its honestly making me hate the game more and more
  12. Kittendemon

    Server List

    give this man a cookie! thread has been necroed! >:3
  13. Kittendemon

    Server List

    give this man a cookie! thread has been necroed >:3
  14. It would be based on posts made in a certain time. The idea is to see what's currently being hotly discussed on the forums. For example, right now in the DD2 section, some of the threads that would show up in the popular section would be: Some Flawed and Contradictory Game DesignRevert Drop Rates Back to Slight After Foundation Part I LaunchedDD2 Scavenger HuntWriting Contest/For FunThen if it was that way i'd love to see popular ones instead, but the most recent ones would be interesting too >-< can't we really just have both? >_< they're useful! I can try to get both there, but for the time being, I'd like to know which one would be the most preferred. while both may happen in the future for now i would say do the most recent as the most recent topics will most likely be the hot topics everyone is talkin about just my 2cents :p
  15. please dear god make this a challenge! xD
  16. since foundation part 2 ive been noticing monsters are just straight up ignoring my walls and going straight for towers/cores they are literally walking around the wall to go pound on the other stuff is this a bug? anyone elsed experiencing this issue?
  17. just an idea i threw out ^^ up for anything that might make it better
  18. allowing selectable monster specs before each map so say maybe 2x monster movementspeed 2x monster hp 2x monster armor\ xx amount of hp regen on monsters monsters on spawn become immune to random damage types ranged melee ice fire earth ect. piericing and for each spec selected maybe a 5% stat increase for dropped items? just an i think could allow for some interesting difficulty increase
  19. i was not aware of this issue and im gonna try that now xD lol
  20. what level are you? :o im running hard mode and it takes like 5+ kobold hits and still sits there im at just under 6k hp on basic wall you may be attempting a map out of your current power range like the others have said you have to build some tower hp stat as well as tower damage/speed current stats 313tower hp 852 tower damage 547 tower speed while maintianing my power im now gonna work on my speed/hp to get that perfect sync
  21. ive seen this multiple times once you get into the higher levels and you have 100+ monsters pouring through 1 lane there are times where i cannot even repair the aura due to how many monsters are cluttered ontop of it while i wouldnt say make it so they de-activate i would say maybe a tweak into their base hp/hploss
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