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  1. I'm not quoting all of that (for obvious reasons), but it sounds cool and a 1 time price makes it so much more worth it. I might get it.Yep it's really gonna be ground breaking, there is no doubt. And xbob isnt kidding, he could go on all day about it. AND YESS NO MONTHLY FEE! Ok yes this game keeps making me excited every time I read about it. And i just passed out cuz I found a skill builder, oh gosh!
  2. Excuse me but we're trying to have a conversation here, there's no time for your foolishness.so sorry to interrupt sir :skeleton:
  3. GW2 is going to be amazing. I've played GW1 from close to the start and it's great, but there is still a lot lacking. From what I read about GW2, they're making it even better, and fixing every shortcoming that GW1 had. We'll see how it is when I get my hot little hands on it day 1, but right now I'm thinking this is going to be the greatest game, ever. Can't wait.Agreed, I didn't play GW1, but I want to buy it to try it before GW2. But basically, GW2 looks like it will blow every other game in the genre out of the water. It might even be in a genre of its own! :D I'm twitching with antici
  4. What's nerdy about trombone? Trombone is extremely sexy
  5. Holy crap, just realized I need to request a refund on Dungeon Defenders. I couldn't use my Hi-5 until 60!!!!lol yeahh mannn level requirements suck! let's stick it to the man!
  6. Never heard of it.Maybe you should. I hadn't heard of it til recently. Then I read about it for hours, and I had a minor stroke
  7. Nerds don't fight. They get into girly slap fights occasionally over their gameboys or card games, but they don't do real fights."Heyyy you cheated at Magic!" "I will own you noob" *Girly slap fight ensues*
  8. haha thanks for giving me a good laugh at work lol. By the wayy, I love rice, just sayin. Win sir, post day you award random of the rice. Post win, day you award rice of the random sir.
  9. I love parkour, I'm gonna have to watch it when I get home from work! :D
  10. This is probly my favorite thing ever! I lol'ed so much, my boss is asking what's happening. I'm going to man-punch him with mah DANGER MOVES!!
  11. http://arch.413chan.net/pinky_pie_derpy_eyes-(n1310252155726).pngNow its getting creepy lolol
  12. Whats with all the big letters these days?Big letters are in now. Like poptart cats were yesterday. Lol, but I agree with Nyancat up there. If you don't like it, don't use it.
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