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  1. The blue crystal creep should replace him self if a valve was destroyed. He should be able to detecte if an objective is near him or not, if it gets destroyed he should move again to have impact on the other creeps.
  2. Somehow the pictures which are uploaded per steam: "copy page url" appear while posting, but won't show when you view your post a 2nd time. http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/27350000521116237/5FF05003BC953C15112F0AD31BAD5E4AD4ADFD29/ It would be nice to be able to directly upload from steam. At the moment i'm forced to use this: http://postimg.org/
  3. I didn't figure it out yet, but i coul move around while the chest was appearing... somehow the Sequence didn't load properly
  4. May friend experienced it two times and me today the 1st time.. Game logs your session out and you get on this screen:
  5. Steam pics somehow seeming not to work... Faced the same Problem. I gota work it with: http://postimage.org/?lang=german
  6. I went to play online for the 1st time with others today and was pretty confused what i found... And i m not sure if this can be...
  7. I've succeded in reproducing it. It's when you hold "shift" and "right click"
  8. Nicely said. If it gets a full whipe, maybe a free xp-Boost would be nice to get the lvl's back faster.
  9. wuschel72

    Cam view

    The problem can be while placing turrets and fighting air units. Its when an Object is between your character and your camera view. I don't know how exactly they programm it in other games, but normally the cam angle changes (either zooming in, closing in to the character or they zoom out and the camera angle goes up.
  10. wuschel72

    Cam view

    Have reproduced a scenario with the camera angle:
  11. Hello there There are 2 Things about the Healtbars: 1st: They are not always showing when looking at the Mobs 2nd: If you hold "Shift" while they die, the healthbars of all dying Mobs you looked at won't dissappear. When you let go of the shift key, the healthbars disappear after some time.
  12. I don't know if I would be the only one, but i would appriciate a direct Steam-Login Button instead of first clicking on "I'm new...." Tab. Sincerely and see you ingame wuschel72
  13. I started the Homepage to read through the Forum a bit, and was confused that some parts of the Forum were missing, which appeared after signing in. And I woundered if it was nessesary that we Need a double Forum? I find it nice that there are some threads only for the Council Members, but i think General Discussions and Bug reports shouldn't be split.
  14. The Thing i experienced is that you get to many items you can't realy get a use of (olny Selling what takes a *** load of time). My Suggestion would be less and better item Drops, and not so many mixed stats.
  15. wuschel72

    Cam view

    I'd say to move the angle upward while placing like it was in DD1 :) The placing just feels akward sometimes
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