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  1. They need to allow ogres to despawn if they get stuck in the spawn zone, or forcibly respawn them in the middle of the map. I just got stuck with an ogre stuck in the spawn zone at then end of wave in onslaught. 400k hp is a pain to chip away at 2k every 15s.
  2. So you are not willing to level up any alts to help with building, and want someone else to do all the gear farming to do a full build? Speaking as someone who does builds, you need an Frost Apprentice, Wall Squire, and Traptress, and ideally a Skyguard monk, which leaves the builder being unable to bring a DPS or Tank character to actually enjoy the wave so that you can stick to your only character. I would take a pass on that too.
  3. Yep (in order of usefulness): Defense Power / Defense Health (for all your tower builders) Defense Health / Hero Health (for squire blockades) Hero Attack / Physical Resist (for squire tank) Hero Attack / Ability Power (for DPS hero) Hero Attack / Hero Crit Damage (alternate for DPS hero) Defense Power / Defense Crit Power (alternate for tower builder)
  4. I'm loving the game, but it would be nice if there was some sort of Trap or something else to help new players defeat Betsy on their first run through. The Betsy level throws far too much new mechanics at new players, with the cursed areas, and then the actual boss fight that doesn't take place in a lane, and how she gets free attacks on the eggs.
  5. I think a SLIGHT buff to the Flameburst AOE would be nice, bump it from 20% to 25% or 30%. EDIT: To expand, the Flameburst costs 33% more Mana/DU, but has lower scaling and base damage, and also only has 20% AOE. Increasing the AOE keeps the Cannonball as being strictly better for DPS on bosses / large enemies, while the Flameburst gains position as being best for clumps of smaller enemies. The Squire also has the Ballista which is great for AOE and Range, while the Earthshatter is simply a longer range Flameburst with a smaller cone of attack, that cannot hit airborne units (nor it seems will
  6. I cant help but wonder if barricades / walls should have a PBAOE Taunt that shoots off every second or so, with a very limited range. This would help with enemies that get pushed over / to the sides.
  7. Lightning: Any chance of adding a system to feed Eggs to our Pets as food?
  8. I bought them at the increased price, since I just started playing again last month after a long break prior to the great wipe. I lost: Tower Speed 7, Tower Power 7, Tower Health 7 (96,000 gold each) 2x Tower Power 6, 2x Tower Health 6 (46,000 gold each) for a total of: 472,000 gold wiped with the patch :(
  9. As the title says, on Little Horn Valley, the Bridge Skies Air spawn point, none of the enemies spawned there can leave their spawn point. This is after the Ascension update / map rework, on End Game Insane.
  10. Seriously, WTF! I invested my gold into small spheres instead of large spheres, and now you just take them away and I don't have the gold to buy new spheres!
  11. My build was to build 1 Barricade for each lane, with a Skyguard as far up as I could place it while keeping it away from ground agro (if you climb up to where the Heroes spawn, its a really good place to put your skyguards). Then behind each barricade have 1 Ballista and 4 Cannons. (Or 1 Earthshatter and 4 Fireball) depending on resists. The reason I suggest upthread to get your builder heroes to 40 before you make the push to getting 50 is so that all of your builders can equip their large sphere, and also all the Freeplay maps give gear up to level 38.
  12. As an example, I took a level 1 Apprentice into a solo Free Play Incursion Waves 1-5 took him to level 14, then after wave 5 completed he went from 14 to 21. Biggest tips for leveling heroes: get your core builders to 40, then focus them one at a time from 40 to 50, and make sure to use the XP boost spheres.
  13. Any sneak peeks of a Halloween event? Like maybe all Ogres get turned into Skeletal Hulks for a week? :D Lightning: Will you consider adding Insane difficulty to Free Play to help with the 40-50 xp grind while still granting useful gear upgrades?
  14. Fireball Apprentice & Cannonball Squire combo can take you all the way to End Game Insane. After that you will want a Skyguard Monk Then a Trap Huntress with Elemental Chaos will replace the Fireball / Cannonball, and you will want your Apprentice to focus on Freezing power, and your Squire to focus on Barricade HP.
  15. The first incursion has a lot of people running it just for the quest, and I'm sure they wont mind another player joining and adding their hero DPS and CC abilities. I know I was able to solo the first incursion once I had 3 of my heroes at level 40. (Fireball Apprentice, Cannonball Squire, Skyguard Monk).
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