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  1. Anyone actually got a betsy egg yet? I want to see!! I wasted all my tokens running some tests on lock boxes
  2. A boost aura on the wall increases its resistance you can also have up to 4 heros repairing. The more heroes that repair the faster the repair rate. Wht I do is I space out some walls, put some in the corners (basically you want only 1 wall to take dmg at a time not everything at once from the AOE). The walls being nearby normally aggro him if he is in range. I place the blockades against the walls not in front of my towers. Hope this helps
  3. Currently there are 5 Builds / Branches of Dungeon Defender 2 Clients, 4 Private and 1 public. I assume these are developer and testing builds but anything you can share? How long will it take me to guess the password? :p Branches NAME DESCRIPTION BUILD ID PASSWORD pvstaging 488391 Yes bootstrapper influence 548210 Yes staging Testing 550809 Yes test 551805 Yes public 552823 No
  4. What a great idea! Might I also add, how great a name AussieMark is. You sound amazing
  5. Reminds me of ability draft in Dota 2 :) THumbs up
  6. AussieMark 'The Destroyer' AussieMark 'PeaceKeeper'
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