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  1. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/chromaticgames/dungeon-defenders-awakened/posts/2690013
  2. Pretty sure most people playing beta are just playing it to check out how the game is. Sink in a dozen hours, report some really obvious bugs, then they're done. I'm willing to bet only a handful of people are actually treating it as a beta and actively trying to break the game and find bugs. Most people don't want to burn themselves out before release
  3. That is ridiculous. I stopped farming rocks when so many i got was 0 stat ones. Didn't see much of a point since everything is just gonna get wiped.
  4. Not to mention if someone disconnects for whatever reason, be it in pub or friends in a private game, they'll be unable to join again.
  5. This. There's no bigger slap in this face than spending 40-45mins getting to wave 15 and getting a pet with no stats. And then doing it again and getting the same result. Don't let this be a thing please.
  6. Joined a multiplayer game on alchemy labs, when game was done and map restarted all equipped gear on my characters was gone and only 2 pages of inventory gear remained of 8-9 or so pages
  7. +1. It's not fun at all being unable to upgrade anything past wave 8. Especially when soloing
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