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  1. Well, if it works like this (no dupes), it is better than I expected. Actually, it is a very fair way of handling gambling boxes: if you want all, you get all. If you want only one or two, you can get lucky and spend only 300 or even if you are the unluckiest guy on Earth you will at least know the max you will need to spend. Unlike premium pets. Concerning the 4800g costume, people who have g's (like me, sitting on more than 20,000) would certainly prefer spending 1200 in 4 costumes than 4800 in a single one. That sounds like a cheap way of milking players. I'll keep an eye on the game to s
  2. I've been out for a while. Haven't played DD2 since 1st half of december and been away from the forums for a while, due to the changes on moderation approach. Yesterday I decided to take a look in forums to check changes and see if I should reinstall the game. Saw Carnival event is comming soon and, today, I decided to take a closer look at it. Found this link: http://dragonfallcarnival.dungeondefenders2.com/ First of all, I haven't seen changes concerning the premium pets. Premium pet system was criticized by a lot of people due to its randomness and I saw bunches of posts saying "it would be
  3. For clarification's sake (chesticles iamisom gotrunks712) what is upsetting me latelly is the new moderation approach. I've seen threads closed (threads I didn't even participate, I must say), I had posts deleted yesterday by @RaNgErZ-BERT and now a thread moved (this one). Since this is now under defender's lounge I think I can bring this up here. If I can't, just delete the post. I understand that we have tons of new players and maybe this is important to keep the forums under control. As said before, I am not the one making rules and they are there for a reason. My deleted posts did break
  4. Due to the new approach concerning forum rules/moderation, I won't be posting here anymore. I might consider posting my guides/feedback on Steam forums or maybe reddit. Sorry for that, folks. I am not the one making rules and we are all supposed to follow them. Since I disagree with this new approach, there is no reason for me to keep writing here. [[4370,users]] - if you are still interested, I will e-mail you my feedback concerning new patches/hotfixes every once in a while. Was fun being here. I wish you all a Spooky Halloween ;)
  5. Please, more lipstick. Also fix the bugs. And also give me my 2 character slots I purchased from steam and never got.
  6. Heyas. This is a very short guide for Spooky ecebt for the people having trouble. 1- Maps There are 2 new maps that you can easily find by clicking in the spooky event 2015 thing in the upper right corner of wartable. There are 4 difficulties you can play. 2- Achievements There are also some achievements you can complete on collections > challenges > spooky 2015. I ain't afraid of no ghosts: complete both maps in all difficulties. I will be helping (carrying) people once I'm done with my achievements. Blame RNG if I don't help anyone. Defeat Maldonis: you complete that doing the second m
  7. Yeah, that thread is from like 45 days ago, before they put more space for sale.
  8. Hmm intersting, I'm gonna make some tests concerning traps radius. Concerning the daily, traps won't count as towers. Question on this because I'm confused. I tried it in game yesterday since my only level 50 for now is a Traptress and you specify that traps are not towers. Did they change the mechanic or is the tooltip displaying wrong information? Since it's alpha, it could go either way. I respecced out of all my SAS to check my Trigger Radius and Damage Radius on explosive trap. Then I put 50 points in Defense Range. My Trigger Radius did increased by 10% I think and my Damage Radius by
  9. That's totally fine, mate. Spelling check is also welcome.
  10. You'd better contact support, I can't help you on that.
  11. English is not my native language, so if you see anything else let me know.
  12. combat session posted. all feedback appreciated. pics comming one day.
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