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  1. Well, if it works like this (no dupes), it is better than I expected. Actually, it is a very fair way of handling gambling boxes: if you want all, you get all. If you want only one or two, you can get lucky and spend only 300 or even if you are the unluckiest guy on Earth you will at least know the max you will need to spend. Unlike premium pets. Concerning the 4800g costume, people who have g's (like me, sitting on more than 20,000) would certainly prefer spending 1200 in 4 costumes than 4800 in a single one. That sounds like a cheap way of milking players. I'll keep an eye on the game to see what happens. When I saw this "marketplace" thing, first thing I thought was "wow, finally we will have trade, I gotta take a look at this". I was disappointed when I saw there is still no trading. Another thing: I hope monthly rewards and seasonal cosmetics won't be "once in a lifetime" stuff, but maybe "once in a year", specially pets and costumes. Anyway, I will be checking the game every once in a while and feedbacking when I see something that looks very bad or very good. Downloading the game.
  2. I've been out for a while. Haven't played DD2 since 1st half of december and been away from the forums for a while, due to the changes on moderation approach. Yesterday I decided to take a look in forums to check changes and see if I should reinstall the game. Saw Carnival event is comming soon and, today, I decided to take a closer look at it. Found this link: http://dragonfallcarnival.dungeondefenders2.com/ First of all, I haven't seen changes concerning the premium pets. Premium pet system was criticized by a lot of people due to its randomness and I saw bunches of posts saying "it would be p2w if they all were legendary". I always disagreed, since it is pretty easy to get legendary pets, but no changes came (at least I am not aware of changes). To my surprise, I see carnival pets will always roll legendary, but I see no word on changing the premium pet system. That said, I won't be feedbacking what I didn't see yet (and don't even know if I will), but I have some concerns about what I've read. 1- Gambling "boxes". You gotta pay 150g for a chance of getting a prize. 7 new pets + costumes + other stuff. I am usually the kind of guy that doesn't mind spending a few bucks in a game and who likes collecting stuff. Actually, I usually spend a decent ammount of money in games, DD2 included. But all this random exclusive limited time crap bothers me a lot. I don't know what you mean with the "or sneak in for free" part, so that might not be as bad as it looks. But it looks pretty bad. 2- 4800 gems for a costume. I wouldn't mind spending 4800 gems for a costume, even considering it is greedy as hell. But since we are having both costumes at ridiculous prizes AND gambling boxes, that bothers me a lot. All the "show support" speech is also pretty terrible, but I would support the devs, as I did in the past, if (big IF) they were moving the game in the right direction, but it seems they are not (not to mention it is one of the ugliest costumes released so far, if not the worst). It is a funny feeling when you are trying to decide if you will reinstall the game and see the company begging for money. You earn money, you don't beg for it. Putting more efforts in milking the player base instead of improving the game doesn't make me feel impelled to spend any more money. Actually, after reading the aforementioned post, I don't even feel impelled to install the game again. Finally, I haven't decided yet if I will or will not come back. What I have decided is that I won't be spending more money on this game (I spent a few hundreds in the past and still have 20k+ gems, though). That means you shouldn't care about my feedback, since you won't see any more of my hard earned cash. Or maybe it means you should, since you are losing money for not paying attention to what your customers say. Anyway, the game is yours, it is your call. Maybe it is more profitable to ignore loyal customers and focus in the new players. It all comes to business and green numbers after all and I understand and respect that.
  3. For clarification's sake (chesticles iamisom gotrunks712) what is upsetting me latelly is the new moderation approach. I've seen threads closed (threads I didn't even participate, I must say), I had posts deleted yesterday by @RaNgErZ-BERT and now a thread moved (this one). Since this is now under defender's lounge I think I can bring this up here. If I can't, just delete the post. I understand that we have tons of new players and maybe this is important to keep the forums under control. As said before, I am not the one making rules and they are there for a reason. My deleted posts did break the rules and they weren't my first posts to do it. Actually I had worse posts before that weren't deleted. The thing is, since the moderation standards have changed, I just don't feel like posting here anymore. There are other places where I can interact with game community, like aforemetioned reddit and Steam, where my eventual rants and provocations (sometimes it is fun to call people fish-eyed dumbo) won't be deleted. I think I have been constructive/helpful most of the time and I am aware that this doesn't give me the right of breaking the rules and I must respect that, but I reserve myself the right of disagreeing and moving somewhere else. Don't take me wrong: I am not a spoiled kid who can't deal with reprimands. I just don't feel like spending my free time in a place where I am not having fun. When I read stuff like "This is only a warning but any further violations will result in a temp ban. Please read over the forum rules before posting again.", it is time for me to go. Anyway, I will be around, just not in official forums.
  4. Due to the new approach concerning forum rules/moderation, I won't be posting here anymore. I might consider posting my guides/feedback on Steam forums or maybe reddit. Sorry for that, folks. I am not the one making rules and we are all supposed to follow them. Since I disagree with this new approach, there is no reason for me to keep writing here. [[4370,users]] - if you are still interested, I will e-mail you my feedback concerning new patches/hotfixes every once in a while. Was fun being here. I wish you all a Spooky Halloween ;)
  5. Please, more lipstick. Also fix the bugs. And also give me my 2 character slots I purchased from steam and never got.
  6. Heyas. This is a very short guide for Spooky ecebt for the people having trouble. 1- Maps There are 2 new maps that you can easily find by clicking in the spooky event 2015 thing in the upper right corner of wartable. There are 4 difficulties you can play. 2- Achievements There are also some achievements you can complete on collections > challenges > spooky 2015. I ain't afraid of no ghosts: complete both maps in all difficulties. I will be helping (carrying) people once I'm done with my achievements. Blame RNG if I don't help anyone. Defeat Maldonis: you complete that doing the second map. Trick or Treat: open 10 trick or treat chests and get loot from them. That's my Staff/Polearm/Bow/Sword: kill the ghostly heroes. Squire for sword, apprentice for staff, huntress for bow, monk for polearm. Not just for Halloween costumes: get one of each kind of halloween weapon. You get them from random drops, with a higher chance of getting them from ghostly heroes. That's what I've heard. Also heard they really exist. Curse RNG. Spooky 2015 champion: complete all of the above. -- Ok, but where do I find all of those? During combat phases on halloween maps, some trick or treat chests will spawn in random places. When you open them, you have a chance for loot or for a surprise. If you get the surprise, ghostly hero will appear (same class you are playing when you open). Kill them for "Thats my *weapon*" and a chance for a halloween weapon (if they really exist). Chests don't seem to appear on wave 1. During the other waves they can spawn more than once. Keep moving and searching for them. This is how they look like: tl;dr: play all maps in all difficulties, find the chest above during combat phases, open it with different hero classes and pray for RNGeesus.
  7. Yeah, that thread is from like 45 days ago, before they put more space for sale.
  8. Hmm intersting, I'm gonna make some tests concerning traps radius. Concerning the daily, traps won't count as towers. Question on this because I'm confused. I tried it in game yesterday since my only level 50 for now is a Traptress and you specify that traps are not towers. Did they change the mechanic or is the tooltip displaying wrong information? Since it's alpha, it could go either way. I respecced out of all my SAS to check my Trigger Radius and Damage Radius on explosive trap. Then I put 50 points in Defense Range. My Trigger Radius did increased by 10% I think and my Damage Radius by like 1%. I'm even using the medium sphere for 10% more range since I don't find any other medium spheres very useful (other than movement5). The tooltip goes up but maybe it doesn't actually do anything, or it does but it's so minimal that it's not worth investing points into? Edit: just thought of a related question. I got the daily to do 3 000 000 damage with towers yesterday but got the disappear bug. I know I can still complete it for the rewards, but do traps count in tower damage in this case? I can't see if my numbers are going up and I would like get my wyvern tokens so I'll use some other hero's towers if I have to.
  9. That's totally fine, mate. Spelling check is also welcome.
  10. You'd better contact support, I can't help you on that.
  11. English is not my native language, so if you see anything else let me know.
  12. combat session posted. all feedback appreciated. pics comming one day.
  13. LSA is useless atm. I use the normal aura on monk.
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