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  1. Sorry if someone else already mentioned this, I didn't read all of the comments. Maybe add something where if you play the same map multiple times in a row your drop chances become slightly lower on that map and increase it on other maps. That way you can't farm the same easy levels over and over again and it rewards you for playing other maps. After a few other maps, you increase your chances back to normal/higher on the map you normally play. Payday 2 has a system that is basically like this and I enjoy it because it adds variety to your gameplay and don't burn yourself out /as/ fast.
  2. https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/144227/no-patch-this-week
  3. Both sadly don't pick map. only do trials. you picking the map and doing "practice mode" is what's giving you level 46 gear I'm also getting 46 gear in trials themselves which is why I was going to attempt to do normal maps so I could have an easier time while getting gear. Does it not allow 50 drops at all in practice maps?
  4. I agree. If loot is tied to what we currently have equipped there must be a hidden item power behind the scenes so it knows what to drop. It would be nice if it would actually display what we're at and the items we're receiving.
  5. Ah the unequiping way makes sense... I thought I tried that but I guess I never actually pressed the same F key that I had it on, just the others haha. I plan on submitting the hitbox issue just incase but I wanted to get a good video of it first as I feel like that may help them fix it or if it's just a me issue
  6. Yeah it needs some way of explaining it since I didn't even know there was a way to cheating the system.I thought it was exactly the same way as before; just play and get loot and the difficulty depends on what you get. I played for a few hours when the update just came out to test it but I never really did anything. Now that I've equipped my characters with a few items the problems seem to be rising since I wasn't geared that well before the update. Mostly Nightmare 2 gear
  7. How do you unequip characters? and I just rechecked. Every character I have on is all wearing 50 gear so it really shouldn't be dropping 46 if I'm understanding this new system correctly... As for the witherbeasts apparently I'm plenty strong enough. I'm using my monk with ability power while using a light swing speed weapon. Turns out the hitbox for the monk or the witherbeast is broken as my abilities did 0 damage like a miss and most of my attacks did 0 damage. Only while holding W while holding M1 am I able to actually damage them but abilities still do nothing. I have to swap to my huntress and use my abilities on her to actually kill them. Oil strike almost one shots them for me!
  8. Sorry if this post seems rushed/annoying. I just spent so long typing out a whole bunch only to find out I wasn't logged in and lost it all... I can easily cheese chaos 1 with my abyss lord spamming his #1 but I prefer not to cheese it until I'm much further and get tired of it. My flamethrowers are capable of killing enemies fine until a single witherbeast?(The digging guys) shows up and screws everything up. I'm not strong enough to kill them quickly(Turns out I am plenty strong enough, their hitbox seems to be broken with the monk. Atleast his light attack set) so when I finally kill one another has already spawned and I'm trying to clear the other lanes that have them as well so it's a never ending battle against them and they're basically the main reason I can't do it. I don't have many relics but all of my characters are 50 and each piece of equipment is level 50 and when I finally get gear to drop in the 1-3 waves I can clear it's only about 2 per wave and theyre all level 46 trash gear or very low stat 50 gear where my unupgraded gear is about 300 stats higher. Is the only way of doing it by spending basically all of my gold on my current gear to max it all out so I replace it almost immediately and no longer have gold to upgraded that gear or are there missions where I can actually farm for some decent gear/shards? Or do I have to keep failing over and over hoping those few pieces of gear are upgrades? Thanks
  9. I'm not the OP but I do have issues returning to tavern when I'm host and with at least one other player. Solo I have no issues. (Edit: That's a lie. I still have issues solo) I am on windows 10 Specs: GTX 1080 i7-7700k 16GB Ram Running on wireless (If that's what you mean by which internet connection) I'm not sure if you need any other specs!
  10. I came to the forums specifically for this point. I was sitting there thinking "Surely, they couldn't have forgotten an auto-sort button in the inventory for a game that's all about a ton of items dropping, that'd be such a silly mistake!" But I guess they did make that mistake, and now I have to sort everything by hand, like some sort of... goblin, gobu. Now i'll just need to hire a sorting goblin as a temporary workaround! Also, not being able to sell multiple items like before is somewhat annoying too. I do love the improvements to the auto-inventory stuff, and even to the look of the inventory, but it seems Trendy just missed out on a few Quality of Life things in the inventory. Yeah, I thought for sure I was just missing the sorting. I almost didn't add this but I was hoping someone was going to tell me I was stupid and it's right in front of my face
  11. I've noticed this as well. The only weapon that actually has a locked passive that I have is the terraria apprentice staff. All the other ones say they have a locked passive but it does not show and I can place my own shards
  12. Hmm it doesn't appear so :( Hopefully there's a hotfix soon allowing it!
  13. I've really only messed around with it for less than 10 minutes now and I already have a few concerns with it. Some of the issues may not actually be an issue after a little while of having your bags organized. Just kinda nitpicking at things. First I want to say, I love the new design. It looks a lot more friendly and isn't as messy (Once you reorganize everything...) Some of my issues maybe has a hidden option so I'd love to know if I just missed it! 1) I can't seem to find an option to actually sort each inventory bag. You can filter items to look into all of them but it wont reorganize the items in a bag. You'll have to do all of the work yourself. (I know. Horrible) 2) The filter system could use some work. It's fantastic that it can look for exactly what we want so we don't need to go searching. One thing I would LOVE is a subfilter so if you're looking for your relics you can filter by stat so you know exactly what is the best. At least the main stat. Secondaries may be a bit odd but perhaps they could also change the order so if you need Defense Health even if it is a secondary but it's higher than a different primary then it will still show up higher. Would also be nice if you could also sort by armor type although that would require having 3 filter options (Armor, Stat, Armor Piece) and not be worth the work both the UI and Coding team would have to do. (Edit-- It seems as though all of the defense stat sorting is only for weapons! Maybe a bug?) 3) Moving large amount of items at once. Now this may not be a big issue after your organizing, but it would be nice if we could some how have a way of just dragging and item up to a bag and it will automatically place it in the first open slot and then afterwards we can move it where we want instead of clicking an item, clicking a tab, placing it in a spot, repeat. 4) Character selection screen. Now I like the design and it looks fantastic, but mechanically it doesn't work as well as the last one imo. Personally I would prefer to see all of my characters and just drag and drop like the old style was instead of having to remember which character I have on each F key and then press the one I need to change. Yes you can swap screens but having to swap screens is not a nice experience. Having an option to change the direction your mouse wheel moves the deck would be nice too if it stays this way! 5) Just moving items. This is a small one and really nitpicky but it would be nice if we could drag and drop items instead of having to click them and then click again to drop. (I don't mean swap it to this but add it as another feature) 6) Comparing relics. Not sure if I'm missing something here but it doesn't seem possible to compare certain relics with other relics. The only time I can get the 2 stat screens to show together is if I have all of the relics filled and then it only shows me the very last relic. Maybe add it so if you have an item picked up you can drag it over another relic to compare those or even have it so if you mouse over a relic, not pick up just mouse over, and hold down or press the corresponding key the defense is on it will compare the relic that you have on that defense.. I think that's all of my thoughts on it so far. I may edit this when I come up with new things! What are your thoughts on the new inventory? -Edit- 7) Selling more than 1 item. I may be missing something but as far as I can tell, it doesn't seem possible to sell more than 1 item without selling the entire bag. This could be fixed by: A) Allowing this as a possibility or B) using #3's system where you can just drag items into a new bag so you can use that as your trash bin.
  14. If you're on PC then it's Middle Mouse. When you hover over an item in your inventory, tool tips show up at the bottom of the inventory screen!
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