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  1. So farm new gear? Consider it a soft reset, as they've re-evaluated gear and launched a new and hopefully improved system. It is an alpha pre-release, after all.
  2. Hotswap is working for, I'll have to check for the kids later tonight.
  3. ...And you are? There is enough issue posting in the ps4 forums with people giving pc fixes/information, posting issues for the different platforms in the same thread will just compound the issue.
  4. One of the new dailies is to clear X boss maps. So, harbinger or wyvern den. Getting three of them at a time would be a stretch of good luck, but they are significantly quicker to clear.
  5. Rarely had issues with the connection (lag)... but now its unplayable. The patch broke a few things, as patches do, and introduced significant instability, but the hotfix broke more than it resolved. Like others, I'm genuinely curious about whether anyone in house plays the release version on ps4. Blows my mind that the inventory selling bug wasn't noticed when its broken for most/all, and is reproducible 100% of the time.
  6. They can also join through the "now playing" portion of the friends list.
  7. I believe at this time we don't need to leave psn's in the thread. Its a known issue, that is effecting most/all people. https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/125503/known-issues-for-ps4-updated-6316
  8. A patch day bug, in a Beta? Inconceivable! Calm down, they'll get it sorted. And in the meantime, enjoy your 3000 gems you only paid $20 for.
  9. Redownloaded and installed the game, still didn't work. Was getting frustrated, and kept trying to buy the sphere I wanted. After 5 or so attempts it let me purchase it, even though it was still jumping back to the top when trying to scroll. Not sure if I'll be able to buy another sphere lower down on the list, but 60 tokens are a fair bit off anyways.
  10. No luck here, tried switching all the skins off, then back on, closing the app and loading fresh each time. Tried joining a friends tavern, then a different ps4 system to no avail. Other users are able purchase from either their tavern or mine, on both systems, either solo or split-screen. So it appears to be account specific...
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