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  1. That is rather idiotic, I admit, but teasing him and feigning stupidity isn't going to make him any less ignorant. Perhaps it would've been better to politely explain his error in reasoning? Just my two cents.
  2. Damn, I miss out on all the cool toys.
  3. Thanks! As a person who's been on a hiatus for months, this is really useful.
  4. "Game boosters"? Are you talking about the programs that limit background operations *as referenced in this article? To my understanding, those don't really improve performance noticeably in anything less than the most extreme cases. Just make sure you quit any unnecessary applications before playing and you should be fine *this holds true for all games, really, check your CPU and RAM usage before playing if you think you have a problem*. In terms of modifying game files, there are some tweaks to the BaseEngine.ini you can do to increase performance. Check out this guide for more information. These tweaks will not result in you getting banned, but your game may look slightly worse. To be completely honest, I imagine yours gains in FPS will be slight at best, and nonexistent at worst. As always, the best way to improve your FPS is to update your computer hardware.
  5. While the mustache on the second is fabulous, I'm going to have to go with vamp hunter. I think it would help if you made the pirate costume a bit more realistic, akin to the Sky Captain. The mint skin color isn't really doing it for me. :)
  6. Asking a person for their aggregate number of DD hours is like asking a woman her weight; you don't do it unless you want to get slapped.
  7. Oh my god, this is incredible. Was pretty busy with school last December and wasn't able to get this guy. Curse you school. Curse you. >.>
  8. If you're looking for info on pets and spheres *and just about anything, really!*, this guide is a good place to start. It includes a compendium of all or almost all of the pet abilities, and info about them. It also lists the author's recommended spheres for just about every build in the game *except for the Abyss Lord, which the guide hasn't been updated for*. If you're looking for info on weapons, the only thing that's really important to consider is which passives they drop with. Some passives, like Frostfire which only drops on the Chilling Touch legendary staff for the Apprentice, are incredibly important for certain builds. You can find a list of recommended passives and stats for gear on this Google spreadsheet, which the guide above also links. If you want to find out which gear you can find these passives on, I would check out this wiki page. Not sure if the guide mentions this, but if you're playing as a DPS huntress, it's important to look for a weapon that shoots four times per second *denoted by 4/s* in order to maximize the chance that the Charged Primary sphere procs. Hope that helps!
  9. The formula of the game is a bit repetitive right now, in my opinion. It's pretty much just a gear check. And in a system that's dependent on gear checks, it makes sense that after you've obtained the best gear there is to have you've, well, pretty much beaten the game! Jumping from one difficulty to the next can be hard, especially if it's WAY above your iPWR level. Often times, I've found that this is when the game is at its best. It forces you to actually get creative with your builds--to experiment around, to think. Let me tell you, the sense of satisfaction you get from winning a game way above your iPWR level--after losing round after round with different builds, after having to experiment to find something that works, after finding that something and just barely, barely scraping by to win the round--that feeling is incredible. But it doesn't last. Because you realize that at its core, DD2 is not a very complex game. DD2 is actually a very simple game. There aren’t a lot of enemies, there aren’t a lot of heroes, and there aren’t a lot of towers *most of which are just reskins of the same thing*. The behavior of enemies isn’t very complex, and figuring out the formula needed to beat them? Not hard at all. Part of the reason that DD2’s player count got to be so low, so quickly is because so many players jumped straight to NM4 multiplayer after grinding to fifty, leeched some gear, and then were able to beat pretty much every map in the game with relative ease--essentially bypassing DD2's system of progression all-together. After that, there was no reason for them to stay but to grind endlessly for the chance of obtaining infinitesimally better gear that they didn’t need because they had already passed the gear check needed to beat the game! And as a result of that, they left. A game's system of progression should be about learning skills and mastering them--learning new skills and mastering them--and then learning to combining those skills in fun and inventive ways. Games shouldn't be about just inventing the wheel--they should be about reinventing the wheel over and over and over again until the very end of the game. Whether or not you can "beat" a game should be dependent on your mastery of the skills learned along the way. While balance is certainly a very important part of DD2, I think the underlying problem is that there isn't enough strategy to keep players entertained. Inflating the stats of enemies, creating new difficulty modes--those are just band-aids that will inevitably lead us to the same point that we’re at now. What we need is strategy. I’ll give an example. Anyone here play L4D2? In a lot of ways, it’s very similar to DD2. Both have four players. Both are coop. Both involve players having to defeat waves of monsters to beat the map. But there are of key differences that, in my opinion, make L4D2 more fun than DD2. One is enemy intelligence. In DD2, enemies are STUPID. The game gives away their tactics at the very beginning of the wave in the form of detailed spawn information and literal, glowing lines that show enemy pathways *and before the most recent update, icons to denote enemy resistances*. The game gives you this information to the player so they can react intelligently to the enemy--changing their tower placement to exploit enemy weaknesses and so forth, but the enemy doesn’t do the same! In a truly engaging conflict, BOTH sides are constantly changing their tactics and trying to exploit the other's weaknesses. In L4D2, the enemies actually do this. They know and capitalize on their strengths and weaknesses. Smokers, for instance, are enemies that try to grab enemies from a distance with their tongue and separate them from the group. They are easily killed when facing the survivors head-on, however. To compensate for this, the game will often spawn other special infected or a horde to distract the survivors so that the smoker can grab one of them. In this way, it is like a game of chess. Each piece has a special ability. Instead of throwing pieces over and over again with the same pattern until they run out, it throws a few at you and waits to see how you react--trying to see a hole in your defenses. When it does, it spawns a horde to distract you. These are the pawns of the game. While you’re busy trying to combat the tide of pawns, it slips its pieces behind your own--working in synergy to take down your king. And if that strategy fails? The game tries again, with a different plan this time. Again and again and again until it finally beats you. Doesn't that sound awesome? I know it's a bit unrealistic to expect Trendy to have the resources to implement something as sophisticated as the Director AI from L4D2. It doesn't have to. It's the idea that counts, the idea that DD2 can be something more than just a gear check--a mindless game where the enemy throws the same things at you over and over again and you throw the same things at it over and over again until you're so bored you want to microwave your face into a puddle of goop like the guy from Indiana Jones. As an aside, [[94650,users]], I like your idea for a group of dedicated players that works in close communication with Trendy to brainstorm ideas for the game. Once upon a time, the Defense Council was like that. It'd be nice to see it resurrected into something more than just a symbol, which is what the DC has become. Also, on a completely unrelated note [[62273,users]], I just realized we have the same post count! Or, at least, we did until I made this post. Damn. >.>
  10. Yeah, not surprised. Everybody I've asked about this seem to have no idea what I'm talking about. That's why I decided to post this in the tech support section. Oh well, thanks anyway. :)
  11. Anyone here experienced a problem with lost ubers? I tried to do a lightning strikes aura build last night, before I realized my monk no longer had the uber required for it. I thought that perhaps Trendy has refunded ubers with the new patch, but I didn't receive any additional wyvern or hero tokens. Also, it turns out my huntress still has access to the elemental chaos sphere. This has led me to believe I'm experiencing some kind of bug. It wouldn't be so much of a problem, but I only have enough wyvern tokens now to buy either the lightning strikes aura or the flamethrower. It would be very unfortunate to have to spend weeks farming hero tokens to buy an uber I've already spent weeks farming wyvern tokens for. Has this happened to anyone else? Any assistance would be appreciated.
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