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  1. That is rather idiotic, I admit, but teasing him and feigning stupidity isn't going to make him any less ignorant. Perhaps it would've been better to politely explain his error in reasoning? Just my two cents.
  2. Damn, I miss out on all the cool toys.
  3. Thanks! As a person who's been on a hiatus for months, this is really useful.
  4. "Game boosters"? Are you talking about the programs that limit background operations *as referenced in this article? To my understanding, those don't really improve performance noticeably in anything less than the most extreme cases. Just make sure you quit any unnecessary applications before playing and you should be fine *this holds true for all games, really, check your CPU and RAM usage before playing if you think you have a problem*. In terms of modifying game files, there are some tweaks to the BaseEngine.ini you can do to increase performance. Check out this guide for more information.
  5. While the mustache on the second is fabulous, I'm going to have to go with vamp hunter. I think it would help if you made the pirate costume a bit more realistic, akin to the Sky Captain. The mint skin color isn't really doing it for me. :)
  6. Asking a person for their aggregate number of DD hours is like asking a woman her weight; you don't do it unless you want to get slapped.
  7. Oh my god, this is incredible. Was pretty busy with school last December and wasn't able to get this guy. Curse you school. Curse you. >.>
  8. If you're looking for info on pets and spheres *and just about anything, really!*, this guide is a good place to start. It includes a compendium of all or almost all of the pet abilities, and info about them. It also lists the author's recommended spheres for just about every build in the game *except for the Abyss Lord, which the guide hasn't been updated for*. If you're looking for info on weapons, the only thing that's really important to consider is which passives they drop with. Some passives, like Frostfire which only drops on the Chilling Touch legendary staff for the Apprentice, are in
  9. The formula of the game is a bit repetitive right now, in my opinion. It's pretty much just a gear check. And in a system that's dependent on gear checks, it makes sense that after you've obtained the best gear there is to have you've, well, pretty much beaten the game! Jumping from one difficulty to the next can be hard, especially if it's WAY above your iPWR level. Often times, I've found that this is when the game is at its best. It forces you to actually get creative with your builds--to experiment around, to think. Let me tell you, the sense of satisfaction you get from winning a game way
  10. Yeah, not surprised. Everybody I've asked about this seem to have no idea what I'm talking about. That's why I decided to post this in the tech support section. Oh well, thanks anyway. :)
  11. Anyone here experienced a problem with lost ubers? I tried to do a lightning strikes aura build last night, before I realized my monk no longer had the uber required for it. I thought that perhaps Trendy has refunded ubers with the new patch, but I didn't receive any additional wyvern or hero tokens. Also, it turns out my huntress still has access to the elemental chaos sphere. This has led me to believe I'm experiencing some kind of bug. It wouldn't be so much of a problem, but I only have enough wyvern tokens now to buy either the lightning strikes aura or the flamethrower. It would be very
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