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  1. Please point it out to me if it's there and I'm just not seeing it. It was such a super handy feature and it was in the bag interface even at the start of the beta. Why would they take it out now? It was especially helpful while leveling due to possibility of equipment too high level to equip and it would also be great to only see shards usable by a given character. I have a ton of shards and over half of them are for heroes I haven't even unlocked. Right now the only surefire way to check out shards I have for a given hero is to go into every piece of gear and look at the slot to see what can go there.
  2. I was wondering if anyone in the development community had considered or looked at bringing in a few features from DDE, such as the additional item slots, cosmetic items (without microtrans), and especially the ability to customize which drops are shown as upgrades so that you can readily identify gear with good tower stats for example. Thoughts?
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