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  1. Hi, I don't know if this sugestion already came up, if so I couldn't find it with the search option above. So, what about the difficulties changing a little bit of the maps tinting. For example, the Little Horn Valley has something like this, doesn't it? but since changing all maps to night would be a hard work, why not just make them darker or reddish with a Post-Processing filter? It could be toggled according to the player's taste, but this would definitely make the difficulties differences more interesting in my opinion. So, what you think?
  2. ´╗┐´╗┐Just adding...
  3. Is the Empower Passive really fixed? I see no difference and the description seems to have lost the data.
  4. Nice! Let's see how these Molotov Balloons work!
  5. Same thing here... Feeling lucky when a background image appears for me, cause when the screen gets black I know I'm in the void...
  6. Was playing DD2 today and had the same idea/suggestion. Hotkeys for Hero Swapping would be really great!
  7. During holidays there could also be some different minigames, like shooting the duck. But wait... Just remembered what would be the best. The legendary Dungeon Defenders Kart! Hehehehehe...
  8. Hehehe... I would enjoy pretty much all ideas... Now, there are some even tending towards a Casino Tavern... Waiting to see womeone asking for a backdoor leading to a poker table... Hehehe...
  9. Well... The game is easy if you have the right strategy... But it's still being balanced. If you want some challenge, create some. Build with only one class and no hero swapping. Stop using combos to kill the mobs... If you try new ways of playing the game is really funny! I don't agree with the too easy line either. I wonder if you ever played without using the Geyser/Elec combo... Things can get pretty nasty everywhere... The App Towers combo is OP as of now, so, try to level using only a Squire from 1 to 25. Let's help Trendy to improve the game. Complaining about obviously not final co
  10. Well, I've seen a lot of people saying that this game is soloable using any classes. In order for me to check that I had uped every class to 25 and tried to solo Throne Room on 25++ Hard. All classes had at least one item that give bonus to their defenses and their stats were always around 950 Defense Power 700 Defense Speed and about 300 Defense Health. These are my impressions: - Squires are really weak at the beginning of the game, but their defenses are ok throughout the whole level ranges. On 25++TRH it is the easiest class to solo. - Apprentices have a nice overall balance, their defens
  11. The last tower is really useful. You just have to know how to use it. It has a lot of aggro capability, which means that mobs will aim at it first giving the other towers freedom to attack without being hit by those damn javelins/dragons.
  12. Just uping this so more people can see it...
  13. Just uping this so more people can see it...
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