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  1. Dear Defenders, over the past few days I've had the chance to play ~10 hours of the new update. I have been farming campaign for some valuable shards and I am now moving to Trials. (I know Campaing Shards also drop there) There is one big problem I've run into: Bag Space Luckily I purchased enough bagspace pre-trials so that I have 9 total bags. Yet I have accumulated so many shards that I have two bags of them already. With the shards from Ch1 - Ch3 I am expecting to have at least four bags full of shards. I am that type of player that tends to hoard items for potential later use. So I reall
  2. I don't like the idea of being able to level all 3+ Characters at the same time. I actually enjoyed switching between my characters, which gave me some kind of challenge. However I do like the idea of Prestige-ing itself and the extra slots that come with it. What do you think of this idea? Instead of leveling all Chars at the same time you still have to level them separately. As soon as you have a full deck of max. lv. heroes you get the option to do a Prestige-run with those characters, which will give you the reward you mentioned. From there on these heroes are marked as Prestige-heroes.
  3. I am currently playing on my Laptop, which is as you can imagine 'a bit' slower than the average dektop-computer. I get this bug a lot if not 70-75% of the time I am playing in Multiplayer. I am pretty sure it has to do with the time it takes me to load the map and how quick my teammates open the chests.
  4. I really like your concept, however I think this can't be a feature from the start on (as you said "For the first playlist, none would be available"). So far a +1 from me, but I just can't think of any idea on how this could be implemented into the existing system of Normal/Hard-Mode.
  5. That is exactly the point where I am at right now. I usually just sell the green colored items instead of using them for upgrades. Having an option to sell items on the ground would be a great feature to save some time after the match. I also think of a key that is bound to the action of selling the specific item your courser is aiming at. To prevent people from unintentionally selling rare items like Myth or Epic you could insert a menu where you have to confirm your action and where you are warned if you are about to sell a rare Item.
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