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  1. You can still get Steam Early Access on December 5th :) edit: haha isom posted right at the same time as me :L Well thank you for posting anyways :D
  2. 9 days is so far away though T.T idk if i can make it!
  3. Well that's a shame... o well guess i got to it to late then. Thank you for replying :D
  4. Hello everyone and welcome back :D glad to have the website back up. Me personally i have been refreshing it over and over the last week waiting for it to come up so i can buy this awesome game. I've been trying to get up enough money to get it and when i do website goes down T.T. But never less i'm glad to have it back so i can read and keep up to date on how the community is doing and what the makers have in store for us, but one thing that really bothers me is, how are y'all sold out? Y'all weren't sold out before the crash so its just a general notion that y'all wouldn't be when the websit
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