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  1. It is amazing, the movie actually managed to squeeze in some pretty sad parts despite all the action. Forced "Sad" or actual plot-driven emotion? I hate when directors are too lazy to express emotion so they hire a really good composer to cram "sadness" down the audience's throats. I'm really interested in this movie, but I am afraid it won't be anything special and I'll have wasted my time.
  2. "Banned for dissing [hipsters]. It's a perfectly valid [mainstream counter-cultural movement] and I like some [hipsters] too. It doesn't automatically make you [an idiot] or a [smelly monkey], it just means you like [old, semi-obscure s**t.]"
  3. Seven plays his favorite pancake with a tremendous exciting bathtub. Obama and his moonbase will already be annexed into NASA. This created horrific joy and arousal. His mother cheated in their date causing pancake grammar. She wildly passed the cucumber named Eduardo and Eduardo furiously resisted, slamming tomatoes with sponge bits into Seven midgets called Banana Hammock. Seven necrophilic rejects Blade BAFTA Blueberry jam, Dwarven Sniper shoots Fish grammar. Nevertheless, Seven dragons went biking backwards down Rodeo. My arteries' pulses suddenly burst into pieces causing insane sex m
  4. My favorite thing/part pet from Dungeon Defenders is/was: http://imgur.com/gallery/2KhQhF7
  5. Banned for assuming I'm dissing anime once again
  6. http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/340396 The best cover of "Nothing Else Matters" I think anyone has ever made. Even better than Metallica.
  7. I watched sat through Getaway starring Selena Gomez Worst movie I have ever seen sat on. I guess they blew through their budget of hundreds of blown up cars so the end of the movie is legitimately a 10 minute 1 take, 1 shot car chase scene from a dash cam. [Spoiler Alert]: The twist ending is that there was never even a plot to begin with. A 2% on RottenTomatoes' Tomatometer should speak for itself.
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