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  1. its far away from useless....actually its one of the most helpful things ;) especially in group play where not the whole team sits behind a reflect beam^^ inside the aura u CANT GET WEBBED by spiders !! so no increased dmg taken ( 200% ) !! no fucking uber slow and u wont loose ur selfbuff, if u get hit !!!
  2. just kill the siren at the core...or at her stucked place, from the safe place :) behind the wooden thing or whatever it calls in english^^ sry not my native language... also the additional upper path from the sidelanes..no idea if intended or not..but however, its manageable imho ;) 4 me much more annoying..things like missing health of defences wont shown up quite often...missing health of defences behind a reflect beam wont shown a single time...repairing a defences behind or close to a reflect beam...fucks me really up^^ or why we have no mini-map like in dd2 ? with
  3. from some yt vids..they say 169% is the goal...can get with 30% armor on every single piece
  4. most time efficient and easiest due to bugs or morally questionable mechanics^^....place defence...bam... full dmg upgraded ! ? hello ??? and no one at trendy speaks about reducing dmg ;) just what u said in the last part of ur post....trendy should exactly doing this imho. and those changes wouldnt be a nerf....those changes would be necassary adjustments !
  5. btw nothing in trendys patch preview speaks about Nerf....."some adjustments" they said ;) and iam pretty sure they will do it right....first thing is even already announced, the joke shard change/node exploit will get fixed. more than necessary...isnt it ? second adjustment would be imho to make wm upgrade able like any other def...with the dmg from now t1 to t5 ofc. only these two points would greatly defuse those WM situation ;)
  6. really funny how the lazy dudes defend their beloved wm :D cannot be destroyed, no "need" to upgrade, huge and absolutely safe aoe dmg, dmg hits flyer ! node/shard exploit, counter immune and safe "landing zone" for bombers^^ so its the perfect afk defence.....like NO OTHER defence ;) and the best argument from those lazy guys is : "....make other defences viable..."....cant stop laughing seriously^^ e.g proton beams ( oh wait..its from Eve and without wm shes useless, sry my fault)^^ pbeams ( my absolutely favorite ) +flameaura+ skyguard works great and fun to play. pdts ( ofc strong but far
  7. hello, about an dps Ev2 i cant tell anything..never played her on damage. but the lovely gunwitch i played a lot...at least in the past^^ from the fun part the witch is still my ffavorite char...double jump, crowd control ( insta booking , insta freeze, mobile while healing etc ) she is still very very funny to play but...yes sadly but :( iff u looking at the pure damage numbers, she is very underwhelming compared to other dps classes. in my case the huntress, which i start to play with the last big game update..after a huge break from dd2. in short terms..the leftclick dps from the huntress
  8. if nothing helps...fresh Windows Installation and all will be fine. after altar patch i had to do the same....game wont launch, only blackscreen and no response at the taskmanager. if then the usual things, driver cache new game install etc wont work and no one else got the same problem i dont waste time...1.5 - 2 hours >>> fresh new PC / OS and everything works :)
  9. german keyboards even have 2 keys, besides tab, that open that mofo console^^
  10. the freeze and cd reduce sphere are my favorites too. besides them dewey deathimal system and nimbus rainstorm are not so bad imho..but ur right..no real blockbuster anymore
  11. very nice thx ! and yes..bewitching hour sphere is the buggy secret of the 500k+ left click dps^^ but only with elemental dmg on weapon, especially earth & storm, dmg goes through the roof ;)
  12. maybe u overlooked or missunderstood these words ;) essentially the same core opinion as urs^^ but no matter how u look at it...fact is...dd2 is the sequel of dd1 ! so of course it has to compete with dd1, of course people compare it with dd1 and of course Trendy named it dd2 due to the popularity and success from dd1...so the game had to deal with this...just as ez^^ complete own game should have an complete own name ;) p.s. sorry for my bad english -.-
  13. dont expect too much from the final release compared to dd1. imho its looks definately that this game goes the "more casual" way..like diablo 3 or WoW. more casual = more player = more money....sad but true :( no other reason would explain that the devs breaks with all those fantastic, deep and complex game mechanics from our beloved dd1. to make it clear...i really like dd2...over the last year it makes big steps to a very good game...but far far away from dd1. but i really hope Trendy teaches me better ;)
  14. hello, demon lair with gunwitch solo no heroes in deck. possible to roll AL tome with defpower ? pre patch it wont roll with defpower or defcritdmg i think...or at least in 1billion runs i never saw it^^ and... double tap I, ...intended that the dmgcrit calculation/scaling is higher than tap II + III ? greetings & thx Ica
  15. for new players, those who wanna play with friends that already reached endgame, i can understand a little bit if they are not happy with the exp situation. but, like someone said before, otherwise the freeplay maps would stay more and more untouched. because of that i think the exp gain is ok as it is atm. for players that already got 1 or even more lvl 50 chars, i cant understand their displeasure. with 145% exp boost it takes about 4 hours from 0-40 ( done this yesterday with my appster at onslaught/hard ) now, lemme say another 2 hours to 50 ( after the server down i will see how long
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