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  1. I'm confused on how you're confused.
  2. Okay, so I was playing DD2 just like everyday. I noticed that I tend to fall in pits and holes more than I probably should, and my buddy Aura says, "There should be an anti-pit Mod". I immediately said I'm taking this to the Forums, so here I am. Trendy, we need an anti-pit mod that allows you to not fall in holes/pits. I like it could fit well on a chest piece, or boots either would be 'realistic'. A % chance would be best I feel like maybe ranging from like 33%-95%. Obviously you guys want people to fall in the holes because it can certainly lose a map if you do it at the wrong time. But imagine being shot back up kinda like a net catches you if and when you fall into a pit. It's not like this would be an OP mod, more so just a fun helpful one. I thought this could be a good place to post about it and if you guys have any good mod ideas you can throw them below this one! Hope you guys like the idea and hope to see some good ones after this! :D
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