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  1. The Dark Altar Altar of the Athame Incursion The Altar Assassins’ dark ritual has been revealed. Stop them at all costs! Beware the shanks! The Dark Ritual Blade Mystic Weapon Earn a weapon for the upcoming hero, the Mystic! The Don't Die Community Challenge Complete the Altar of the Athame Incursion on Nightmare 4, without dying and other restrictions, for a chance to win a skin of your choice! Nightmare 4, No Deaths, Incursion Only, Can Bring Friends, Can't Use EV2, Barricades ONLY. Black Tea with Blacksmith We had a brief discussion with Daniel Haddad about how he dove head first into the
  2. This is a quick fix for the current issue with daily mission reset and completion, and we’ll have a better fix for this on Tuesday. Bug Fixes Fixed the daily mission refresh to continue giving new daily missions and map bonuses. Known Issue Anyone that comes into the patch with three existing quests, and you complete one quest, you’ll get another daily quest that was meant for the following day. Then ON that following day, you will not receive a new quest. It’s a little wonky, but we’re working on it. If you’re playing on PS4, all of these changes will be in the Dark Altar Update on Tuesd
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