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  1. DD2 has several similar things to Diablo series. It's a game where there are several difficulties, and monsters drop random loot. The ideia is the same, get enough gear, know-how and keep clearing difficulties until you notice your gear/passives/wtv needs to grow again before you tackle the harder content. If you get stuck, usually the solution is to stop get more gear, or optimize your gear/strategy - This is "The Grind". Eventually, if you play enough, you reach a point where you are able to do the highest difficulty and get gear from there. So after a while new difficulties, new game mode
  2. I've been checking out the forums and twitter since friday, and for some reason I was kinda expecting the Halloween Update to be released today, but as there have been no announcements or teases beyond what was mentioned on the last livestream, I'm here asking if I missed some crucial information regarding the Halloween patch.
  3. DD2 aims to be a F2P product with constant updates, so I'd say that if all goes well there will not be a "final product" because the game will keep getting new content that generate revenue, so Trendy can keep releasing more content, etc. No game lasts forever, so eventually there will come a time that releasing more content isn't sustainable, and DD2 will end. Hopefully that is very far into the future, and by that time Trendy will already have launched some other products :) A good example of a game that is successful and still in beta is Warframe. Constant patches, constant new content, c
  4. Vector OFFTOPIC: Can we get the wallpapers used in each hero/skin card (on the deck feature)? Please!!!
  5. Saloon! Western map confirmed!
  6. Ok, solved it by deleting the folder "UDKGame" and having steam download the missing files. GG
  7. So I was switching bindings around and by mistake I switched "mouse scroll down" to a different action. I looked around if there was a place to pick my zoom out binding and didn't find it. So I pressed "Default" and every other option reseted except my bindings. I tried erasing files in the game folder that seemed to contain bindings (and having steam redownload them) and still mouse Scroll down isn't bound to zoom out. Now I'm stuck in max zoom in which makes the game unplayable. Which file stores our bindings? How do I assign a binding to "zoom out" ? HELP PREEASE!
  8. Thanks for sharing. I noticed that the knock up only counted if the enemies lasted long enough... I had anti airs and killing them and proc'ing serenity's purge evil and kill many.
  9. The Carnival will be coming back eventually, so save them until then.
  10. Just consider it like an expansion to the DD1. Want the new hero TODAY? Buy it. Want the hero but don't feel like playing? Play the game and you will eventually unlock it. And as people have already said, if you keep enjoying the game you'll have enough medals for future heroes to unlock them on the first day they are released. I'm not saying 12k isn't a bit on the too much side, but come on... Expect to freely unlock the new hero on the same day it was released is just 100% unrealistic, unless you are playing Dota 2 which has a player base of ... well much bigger.
  11. Just had the same issue haha. Just pressing ESC and baaam there it is :)
  12. The Carnival will be back eventually (I'd guess like every 4-6 months, but it is just a random guess), meanwhile you save your tickets and hope that the next time it comes there are even cooler rewards! I had to do like 10 runs yesterday so spend all my tickets, it sure was fun!
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