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  1. but these are better then teg 2 ones :) We don't know that. And i'm sure most people who were supposed to get one have already lost interest in the game (I know I have). Would have been nice to have it months ago when it was promised to us.
  2. Does anyone really care anymore? It's not like they're special now. Everyone and his grandmother has one bc of the tegra 2 people.
  3. Haha, funny. I know you from Pocket Legends. You were fine with me over there. Nope, I do not. I simply think this is a stupid idea and guess what? Freedom of expression baby! Ok, so you play PL. Then you know they were talking for a while about bringing it to the PC ( not sure if that's still happening). Do you think they would wipe people's chars before letting them log onto the PC to play? Of course not! The whole attraction of cross-platform play is being able to play the same characters on different platforms. Once a company works to get a feature like that working, they're not going to get rid of it just because some people couldn't buy the game on the earlier platform. None of your arguments make sense, so just give it up.
  4. Wow, give it up, dude. Do you do this every time you get into a game that's been out already for months? That's all this is.
  5. I'll just sit back and relax. Thies thread is making for some good entertainment.
  6. Ooo a complaining thread! Can I complain because us iPhone peeps don't get all the maps that the pc/tegra 2 people get? Or maybe because we never got our Guardians, months after we were promised them (or at least it feels like months), while tegra 2 people are already enjoying them? At least have a valid reason to complain. Jeez.
  7. What does the wall spinning have to do with lag? I thought that was just how the camera works and they weren't going to fix it?
  8. You say no more cluttered UI? Why should the UI be improved for Xperia but not for other platforms? And they get both together, we have to buy them separately?
  9. Since Second Wave is pvp, I'm guessing the only play IS online play. Which is one of the many reasons I won't be buying it. I was just pointing out the Guardians thing.
  10. This was just posted on their FB page: http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?bmb=1&desktop_uri=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DsrB_VvbiZR0%26feature%3Dyoutu.be&feature=youtu.be&gl=US&v=srB_VvbiZR0 I'm sure the two Xperia owners out there will enjoy playing together. Especially since they get the Guardians that were meant for us but we never got. Thanks for showing loyalty to your customers, Trendy.
  11. Reverb publishing?? whats that? :P This can't be serious. I wouldn't expect TE to waste money and efforts on such a thing and to include Bruce willis lol, that surely would cost an arm and a leg, the game would have to sell very well to make up for that, because I can't see that film generating any buzz. Please tell me that's its not true, for one I would lose respect for TE and I'll be dissapointed about the summer release date, although come to think about it, we will be lucky to see it any sooner then that. It's quite impressive how much the Apprentice looks like Bruce willis :) April Fool's, people...
  12. http://xblaratings.com/blog/3964-dungeon-defenders-film-adaptation-the-sixth-defense-announced I found this, if it is true, then trendy is making a movie based on dungeon defenders and M.Night Shyamalan is the director. AND it means that the release date is after summer. If this is a joke i will be happy :/ That's a little funnier than the poster alone, and I love that Pee Wee was included, but still... The Sixth Defense? At least make it a tiny bit believable :p
  13. Well this and the fact is idk anyone who is waiting for the xperia nor cares about it... The machine is 6 months too late to be any kinda competitor and a year too old to be innovative... Who cares? Beyond that, if I take my made up numbers machine (munm) I can calculate that 90% of the people waiting for the news are either iOS/android players or players waiting for pc/console... I have yet to see anyone care about TE xperia at all, and fully see it failing as a device... But isn't that how it's been for 90% of Jeremy's news on here that we had to wait days/weeks for? For instance, the 99 cents sale in the app store. How many of us cared about that one?
  14. Well, if that is a joke, it's a good one bc we all fell for it. But if not, it's really not all that surprising bc the news around here is always overhyped.
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