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  1. So many things I could comment on but so many things I could get in trouble for saying >.< I'll just put it this way, keep using that new system. It has already prompted some change and will continue to do so. I can't say what without getting myself in trouble, but you can already see some impact the feedback and usage has had recently. This system has had a very positive impact and believe it or not, we do appreciate you and others using it. I can say this though about the whole rejected bug thing you mentioned before. The biggest reason for rejections is a lack of information. Rep
  2. Welcome back I guess! Never left. Just rarely feel the need to interact on the forums at this point.
  3. Some of those "persisting" bugs tend to be reoccurring bugs that have been addressed but manage to work their way back up under different circumstances as new things get added and code gets changed to accommodate it. Then there are bugs that only happen under weird non100% replicable circumstances that are harder to pinpoint. Good example of this is the merged heroes silliness. Sure certain actions can trigger it, but not every single time those actions are taken. Hard to address something that you can't exactly point a finger at and say "This is exactly why it's happening". Let's be real
  4. Hate to break it to you guys, but the player bug submission is only a sheer decimal place of the amount of bugs that get caught and dealt with accordingly. There is a LOT going on behind the scenes that involve multiple groups of people working at on a daily basis. Acting like your few bugs you found on live is the end all be all indicator that stuff isn't happening or being resolved is ludicrous to say the least. Honestly, if you want to be more involved, apply to one of the many testing groups. Don't just make claims that nothings happening because our NDA prevents us from telling you the
  5. I'm going to be brutally honest and this is not to demean anyone or toss up drama. There are two reasons people watch the streams. 1) giveaways 2) teasers of new content. With that said, why on earth it is an hour long with hosting and playing maps and intentionally losing is beyond me (yes I know Eric is a solid player and seeing him play like he has zero skill in game hurts my soul). If it were up to me, I'd strip it down to a solid 15 minute teaser, which in fairness is around the amount of teasers currently spread out through the stream. Then another 10 minutes with ONE host and a gues
  6. Suit yourself. I offered to give you everything I had and help when I could find the time. I just can't be doing it all anymore especially when everyone expects it fully done and ready the very second server maintenance starts.
  7. Ideally, I'd like to just hand out owner permissions on what I have and let a few dedicated people keep it going and occasionally fill in the unknowns or correct any caps that aren't quite right. But only one person til you has shown any interest in dedicating themselves to this. If your heart really is in it for keeping the info available and up to date for the playerbase, that's good enough for me. It's why I started it, it's why I kept going even after the game became something I didn't really enjoy anymore. Just lately, the motivation has been sucked dry thanks to the heavy amounts of c
  8. No, I'm saying I can send you the entire document to use. Straight up make a copy on googledocs and cut out the goodbye message and send it your way to save on your own googledocs and maintain. I'm more than happy to fill in missing holes that require a few minutes of my time, but I can't keep pulling all-nighters the night before a patch goes live every 2 weeks. It's just more than I'm willing to give for something that means so little to me.
  9. Just go copy mine and update it will ya? If someone wants to maintain the passive list, you have my blessing
  10. They will have to address this eventually as "dark assassin" would be considered naughty. The way I'd personally tinker the filter if it was up to me, is to allow words beginning with 'ass' only if its followed by a vowel. General naughtiness of the ass involves slapping another word on to it and all the fun ones that come to mind start with consonants. Safe to use words starting with ass have vowels after them. Assassin, assemble, assignment, assets, assert, assailant, etc. Obvious word pattern is obvious.
  11. Doesn't involve family share. Involves part of the process I can't go into and how steam since an update or two ago on their end has been misbehaving for me. It's negatively impacting my productivity. Just want steam to be aware or possibly fix the issue since it's on them.
  12. Won't go into too many details about this because of my NDA, but is there any way to file a ticket with steam over something clearly on them and not you?
  13. You need less ass in your misspelled assault.
  14. That's the forum for any game though, I posted a thread here a while ago when I got my Huntress Elemental chaos trap to 18% tripwire and 4 DP off the cap at the time and people still responded just to tell me how I'm doing it wrong (somehow) Back in dde when they added autosell, I made a post about how it was possible to generate several million gold an hour while afk and got flamed to high heaven til people did the math on test runs of embermount. Communities always been hostile, but it's slightly more amusing when you're part of the RQA team and know better beforehand and people still arg
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