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  1. Step one: Try not cheesing with multiple 1-per-hero towers. Step two: If you can not do step one, then show us your setup. Are you using the same shard setup for both characters? Are you sure they are both using smite and one is not using another ability that uses the smite animation?
  2. This new loot progression is extremely hand-holdy. You either equip "upgrades" or you don't. If you don't equip the "upgrades" you have no chance of getting lucky and getting something good, you just get stuff at-level with what your gear level is at. My problem with it is that it sucks all the excitement out of the game. You know there is no chance of getting super lucky and rolling that C3 item in C1. There is no chance that, if a legendary drops and if you have a legendary for that slot, that it's going to be that much better. There is no sense of luck while progressing in this game... it's just a waiting game for the next upgrade which dulls down the experience from other games that have you grind. I honestly preferred iPower over the current system. It wasn't perfect, but with a few adjustments it could have been far better than what we have now.
  3. I found C1 easy, I found C3 both easier and more fun than C2, so I straight up skipped it. Cyborks are not a fun enemy to try to build around (disabling traps and auras), and do far too much AoE damage (my high tier C1 walls couldn't tank Cyborks, but they can take C3 damage just fine).
  4. I've actually seen mobs walking past both my Arcane Barriers and Spike Blockades, just to turn around and start attacking the powers from behind. Something tells me they programmed walls to have the 'Auto-taunt' aura that the one Squire shard has.
  5. Great and easy way to gear up!They are much more random / rare. :-\ A lot of people also complain that gold chests most often produce orb relics more than anything else. :-\Walls are massive, tree's make great walls (even if they are smaller). AL skeletal walls are amazing. Flame Auras are a go to. LSA are amazing damage. Ballistae are really fun to dink around wtih. Earth shatter do really good damage.I don't know about game breaking, I barely watch youtube anymore (too many ad's - different story), but AL is the AOE group killer. Monk and Dryad are great DPSers and boss killers (star fall / pole smash / etc.).Hope this helps a little. 1) Awesome! Good to know there is another way to gear. 2) This is a good change. Getting a gold chest should be rare. 3) I'm assuming these wall changes were in response to "stuff is slipping through my defenses!". Awesome stuff. 4) Doesn't seem like this changed at all. Thanks for the help!
  6. Just before the rocky launch (tbh, the launch is the straw that broken the camel's back), I decided to take a hiatus and wait to see what kind of cleanup post-launch feedback would create. And so far, the game looks leagues better than it did months ago, so I'm giving it another shot (and not going to lie, the free 4k medals helped with that decision ;P). So, I have a few questions. 1) So it looks like Incusions were added... in one of the most awkward ways possible..? (Why don't you guys let us choose the difficulty of the maps we want to play!). Anyway, are the items you get worth doing? 2) It seems like they changed chests... I haven't gotten a gold chest in 2 days. Are there new ways to minmax the rate at which you get these chests, or are they random? 3) Since launch, how has the meta shifted? Looks like traps are... usable? And walls are now massive? Can trees still be used as walls? 4) Whats the shard situation look like, I'm assuming power transfer is still the meta right? Or is there another obviously probably-too-strong shard people are using now. 5) How's hero DPS? Anybody get buffed or nerfed in some gamebreaking way since launch? Thanks guys.
  7. did you quit playing before they added the ability to strip immunities or something? :P Probably. I think strength drain might have stripped it. I don't remember. Its been a while :) but pretty much all builds used harpoons and archers when i quit. Strength Drain Aura, Magic Blockade and Darkness Trap stripped Elemental Affinities. Strength Drain Aura, in the DD1 end game, were pretty much a staple in every build. Harpoons, for a huge amount of time (and probably now) are the strongest tower due to their incredible AoE and constant damage. They could hit multiple ogres at the same time, making them invaluable. Fireball Towers could also fit this role, but in DD1, infinite piercing was more efficient than AoE splash. Summoner Towers (such as Archer) made the best walls, because they can be built to self repair, debuff and do incredible single target damage all in one (Archers and Sorc did tons of damage, Sorc did AoE Summoner Tower Heals, Spiders debuffed enemies attacking the walls... aka Ogres). In addition, they had their own resource separate from normal building (they used SU as opposed to DU, which was exclusive to summoner towers). Summoner was the hands down best hero in DD1. ...Just sayin'. ;p
  8. Wrong. It can do A LOT of harm. You are pushing the product to the door and saying "this is our vision and we are happy with this" which is going to turn a lot of people off. It is also a lot of pressure to push the game out the door no matter what. This all likely stems from them making a deal with Microsoft to make a few dollars and I will bet you it is going to end up costing them a lot more than the few dollars are worth. How do you also call Trendy that small of a company either? They would easily be considered mid-sized And how does that matter to any end consumer who is not invested? You mention team size on scope of a game not quality. I'm not going to spend a lot of time arguing this, I could spend hours trying to debate this so I'm just going to leave this here. In a day and age where every developer and their dog puts their game in 'early access', and 'closed' or 'open' and 'alpha' or 'beta' as a buzzwords to attract attention to their game, these terms have become nothing more than either a) "we know it's barely playable, but come play and spend money on gems/coins/tickets/currency/founder'sedition then come back in 5 years when what you played is unrecognizable" or b) "we know our game is practically done, but hey, early access with exclusive benefits has a good ring to it". If DD2 sinks because they released a premature game, then congrats, they did pretty much everything wrong. There are numerous issues that coincide with dozens of other 'released' games that ultimately failed. I unironically see tons of parallels to the reason why DD2 is failing... with Firefall (wow, who remembers THAT game!?). The reason why I say that releasing the game now won't hurt them is because the damage is already done. They have a deadline that they have to meet and they probably won't make the bug fixing and balance cut. Going from Early Access -> Live means almost nothing now-a-days, unless you have a large following. The damage was done when they gave themselves a timeline to release the game (which probably existed in the development pipeline as early as when they announced Trials). They never had a clear and concise design plan for DD2. Synergies and no Synergies, Passives and No Passives, Map balance and Mob Design and How much can we control and How much freedom we want to give the players. They dug themselves a hole when they conceived the development timeline for trials and release and then they didn't give themselves enough time to dig themselves out of it. They never stuck to their guns and just balanced the game when it was fun, they constantly flipped entire balance tables when balancing and never got the game to some place healthy where they could build from. tl;dr It won't do harm, because the harm has already been done even if the wounds haven't fully shown themselves yet. I promise you they had the 'June 20th' date probably before they released Trials and they just didn't make the deadlines and rushed the game. It's happened so many times now, it's a story that falls a mostly deaf ears.
  9. The game won't die, it's not "dead" now, it won't be dead when it releases. I doubt there will be a huge influx of players, but releasing the game and removing the "early access" tag certainly won't do any harm. Basically, it's a small game developed by a small company, releasing the game won't do much to help or hurt it. Doomsaying like this certainly won't help, though.
  10. No, they shouldn't be required. You can probably clear through C7 with greens if you want. However, we know nothing at this point until we know the overall changes to stat ranges, loot caps and loot rolls.
  11. 1) When it comes to gear stats, the grind is about as good/bad as it was before. Shards feel totally awful to grind for when it comes down to it, though. I'd say it's overall worse UNLESS you are somebody insane who went grinding for 750s, then it's probably the same/a little better. 2) There is practically a different meta for every single chaos tier. When you get to endgame, however, there are probably 1 or 2 builds that are the most efficient and using any other build is extremely polarizing. It's either going to be a struggle or impossible because of mobs that hard-counter defenses. There are also 2 towers that are blatantly stronger than other towers - The (Apprentice) Flamethrower Tower and the Ramster (Dreadlord) Tower because they don't have a hard counter, unlike the other towers in the game. 3) Above for most of this question. I don't know much about DPSers, I just use whatever I find fun at the time and it seems to work. 4) Nah. Seems pointless to do at this point, too, seeing their direction with the game. 5) I rubber-banded quite a bit last time I played, making it quite frustrating. I haven't been DCed or anything like that in a while, though. Edit: In my opinion, it hasn't exactly improved much... no no no, I feel it took steps backwards in development since you left it. And to be honest, it took an even further step back in it's removal of Onslaught and removal of incursion usefulness.
  12. Don't use them as offensive towers right now. Thats the only thing you can do if you want to use Lavamancer in an EMP chaos tier.
  13. Remove ascension; it's impossible to balance around and will ruin the longevity of the game. Remove hard-counter mobs; it's not fun as a mechanic and is uninspired and lazy. Clean up shards; buff or remove pointless ones and stop wasting time binary, boring and/or bad shards. Clean up towers and figure out character identity; make each character's towers genuinely feel different than everyone else and fix issues like mobs slipping past walls and DU costs still being unbalanced. Clean up maps; everything... mobs getting stuck, DU amounts being too low to work with, core health... look at everything.Clean up mobs; keep working on making every mob different than each other and fix bugs like skeletons spawning behind towers.Clean up loot; make it actually drop sometimes and make it more impactful. I've never seen a more boring loot system in a grind game. Add flavor; add like, 2 more spells and towers per character and add things that set bonus armors (unique for each character) and special 'Terraria-crossover' style legendary weapons with special, weapon specific effects. Lastly, look at DD1 and figure out why people enjoy that game and why people don't like that game, then improve on both... this is the sequel after all... learn from your mistakes, but don't forget your roots and why people enjoyed Dungeon Defenders in the first place.
  14. you dont understand *** about game dev companies dont care at all about old non paying players they care about new players cause they bring in fresh money who already played 2k hours and didnt spend 1 penny is not worth to any company First, please don't defend them and play white knight. It's a terrible act. Second, LARGE companies/games don't care about leaving players, SMALL(er) companies/games should look at retaining as many players as possible, regardless if they are paying or not. Trendy as a company, DD1, DDE and DD2 are all small population games and should make it a priority to keep as many players around as possible. Players are the lifeblood of a game afterall. WoW can bleed 1 million players over the course of a year and still be far in the green as far as profits are concerned, DD2 probably has a sub 1k playerbase and every player they can keep matters in the long run.
  15. It makes no sense that Traps have been, since Trials, literally unusable. I don't see how anyone can use these without actively understanding that they can put one Flamethrower tower down and do more AoE, more damage and be more cost effective than putting down the equivalent Trap DU amount. The sad thing is, I bet if they lowered the DU cost of the traps down to even as low as 5-10 AND did the upgrade changes you suggested, they wouldn't see use.
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