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  1. Go to discord and pm @[CG] Philip he can help you
  2. If you don't have a active hero and you do survival and you Max your towers. There is nothing left to do. So you go watch Netflix and pres g and every 5 wave you rep. Or let same one jione whom do it for you
  3. I don't now why they left early access. The game is far from done still no mass survive and most challenging are not done. A par Of the shop and trading. And more more and more.
  4. Do You have the pet rock and same good items and upgrade it till 100 of so
  5. I also have 4 k stats Whit in 3 a 4 weeks. And I don't have a lot of play time ok me. But the problem is the loot rate is to high. You don't have rare items. A good soul take me 2 day to farm. But for the rest you have nothing to farm
  6. I don't think they will pay for it
  7. Just first get your NM rock pet and after it go for wave 25 and when you did it go for monkey pet it's easy to get then dragon. Make a DPS squire and give him the DPS pet block only and do mass let pet kill for you and farm same mass gaer. Gl
  8. Wha make the game easy is loot drop. Are to easy the optain. You don't have rate drops if you play like 20 h 30 max you have a Max out char
  9. Oke... Fun. But do it offline there you can cheat all you like
  10. Just use a pet monkey or dragon
  11. It just take forever and I hope the game get harder it's to easy. Only map I had trubble was boss maps. But when you hit 4 k all maps are to easy the drop rate is to high
  12. I dont understand why cheat the game easy as is you only have to farm a little
  13. Just put more point in IT if don't want the rep it. The gama is ATM to easy as it is. I think I have 1700 point in it and it can go 3 a 4 wave so at Mass until repair
  14. Auto loot suck it's there just to much junk loot I only look what the siren drops You only want 250 ups and nu junk
  15. ya but element dam is high then range damage in Mass on NM you want range damage
  16. Dev_Juice [ontwikkelaar] 13 jun om 16:12 It will come very soon, we're doing the planning for our next content update all this week Will it still hit this week
  17. hope so your max lvl is 100 and dd1 have ult gear lvl 100 so
  18. I was happy I gat a good one just in time But I think it will suck when you get lvl 100 gear
  19. the soul was better. it was op there why it was removed. They said so on steam form
  20. What map. I never had the problem on summit
  21. Don't put point in vit do it in att your pet scale in att and armer my pet do 300k a shot 130 ups
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