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  1. Cool nice to now tnx you I will wait patience 😊
  2. I I'm waiting for sameting that's will or don't be released today will the patch come today. Or will it be released or adder date pls tel is. We Will understand.
  3. I do have hope I can play a little bit 🤣
  4. I think it's spidermon I will catch them all 🤣
  5. ya I now but they don't think so. The form is last place for info. I also don't have Facebook nor Twitter and don't want it.
  6. Just build near spawn en spam g When it starts I pres g and stars wit flamtower and after I have it I build walls and after wave 3 I build Aura and wave 4 I Build dst and wave 5 DPS and just build in wave spam g
  7. I do it olso 35 min 1 run I got 1 legendary they have to make it so you can pick the starting wave
  8. I had no problems Whit it today they stayed nice by the walls. And I don't get to wave 25 so maybe it's fix or I got lucky
  9. I have the same pet olso 24 upgrade was before the nurf
  10. I had no problem Whit is play the 2 map servival for rock pet first. You don't neat a dps for it and go only to wave 15 and restart
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