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  1. wy dit you black out most of the data. if you sell something most time you let see what you wanna sell. if you buy a car you also wanna see 4 sites of the outside.
  2. wy bit on sam thing what you can't see what it is .... were not in a stupid tv show ....
  3. dit you now that. dd1 also had skins where they look older. for almost all the chars.
  4. i would love to support you guys. but i don't own a credit card. wy not pay whit paypal...
  5. i think it the end of dd2 if they will get the 200,000$
  6. and a ap mon or hp monk ? tnx you
  7. you can break his shield with burning strike shard you can get it in chaos 5 or u can break his shield with oil flask + fire tnx you it was for me a new mob xD
  8. how do you kill it i was farming on c1 whit my c7 gear and i can't kill it
  9. ya, i use them only for boss lane. you have plenty du for every map
  10. do you guys hate you make a map and its oke to see how the normal mobs die? and there comes a boss and they see your def can do 80mil dps and you have to kill all 3 boss because they are too lazy do ***. wy play or join a game when you don't wanna play? i don't get it. and you can't kick him because of no one vote. i like to hear if I'm the only one whit this problem. please give let me hear your story what you think of this. gr king
  11. i am an old player returning. so i was wandering can you upgrade mods
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