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  1. I started this game as a level 0, just like everyone else, hosted my own games. Everybody can do it and there's nothing difficult about it. The no-friends excuse is not valid, plenty of nice people will randomly join your game if you host your own server. People that complain about this are wasting their time, host your own game. If you're really not meeting any nice random people that way, create a thread, find a group of people from the forums, from IRC, reddit. There's always an option.
  2. Kick feature is fine, your attitude needs to change. Getting kicked yourself? Host your own game. Don't have a good builder? The create new class button still works last time I checked. I'm getting tired of these threads as well.
  3. OP, do not even begin to try and understand the people that hate over DLC costs. It's a waste of time and energy if you ask me. It's last type of topic you'd ever want to get mixed in to. However, Series EV for 2 or 3 dollars is simply fair, I agree. My thoughts.
  4. Yesterday I had a kobold running through a tiny little gap in my magic barriers, a gap I couldn't get through myself. I've also seen an ogre just walking OVER magic barriers, on Glitterhelm. That was more likely my own fault, since I placed the walls on stairs. Still looked stupid and impossible though.
  5. So webs no longer stack on heroes, but I just noticed they did stack on my apprentice towers. Is this on purpose?
  6. To add on what was already suggested, you could buy some nice armors and weapons in AFK shops if you really wanted to. Makes starting out on Endless Spires Nightmare a bit easier as well. Not required though.
  7. Sounds fun, count me in! Not sure about timezone and availability, but I'll fix something. Steam right hur.
  8. From a balance perspective it's fine that these changes were made. From a testing perspective it leaves me wondering if it was tested thoroughly to begin with. It's not the first time we've seen 31337 damage weapons making it into the open game (as in not beta testing version) to only afterwards be nerfed by 50% or even more. tl;dr heated arguments aren't necessary, but more content testing seems to be in order before releasing it into the actual game (my opinion, no game development background)
  9. Kaiyne, I think 7.16b will fix the issues when there is lag because the Barbarian will have auto-attack then.
  10. Action House in DD, that will be the day... right? It would be so much easier to find the gear you're looking for. DDstore is very nice, but it's still too slow. I have my hopes, but I don't think this game will ever get an auction house.
  11. The Return-to-tavern crash seems to have returned in 7.16a. I've had several crashes when the game was about to return to tavern. And I hope that the Barbarian with two left hands bug isn't a hint of what Trendy's QA & Testing is like :(
  12. I don't see how clicking a mouse requires skill, unless you're rhythmically challenged of course. It's tedious and stupid if you ask me. So I'm very happy with the RSI/CTS fix in 7.16b
  13. Thanks for clearing things up about the Ninja nerf, Hitmonchan. Like you said, it happened before, but I haven't lost all hope in Trendy. Though I do want to mention that actions speak louder than words.
  14. Looks like that clears things up quite a bit. If anyone forgot to add those to the patch notes, lesson learned I guess. And for us it means that next time we (including myself) need to try and keep our cool. I still say we [[1122,hashtags]] the suggestions forum! :skeleton: Also make sure you check out the DunDef Digest of 2/1/12. Thanks for the explanation!
  15. All the assumptions, and perhaps part of the rage, would be gone if Trendy would just put ONE official, well done message out there. - Hey, we screwed up and we will fix it - check out these patch notes for the next patch - We're sorry about the ninja nerfes, but it was intentional and not a bug, this is why we did it: ..... - whatever version you can come up with I'm no PR pro, NDA guru or whatever it is that Trendy needs to deal with as a company. But for Etheria's sake, where the hell did the love and communication go that Trendy had in their early days? It's THAT type of communicati
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