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  1. HELL YA! if the drop rate of legendary weapon is decrease, make sure the stats always good. now its really hard to get legendary item and when get it.........still useless :(
  2. can i play normal client? after update into [press], when i want to switch back to original, it also update around 600 mb. is this normal?if i want to play between main account and test account, i always wait to update it first?
  3. i think since they patch the loot system, so hard to get them..:(
  4. Anyone know where to get the legendary polearm that has purged evil ability on it? i already farm 2 weeks and didnt find any of that. (Farm in ramparts nm3 and liferoot nm4). Should i use monk all the time to get that weapon? thank you
  5. already play 32 wave and didnt get any...maybe should play hard instead of normal..:(
  6. how to farm token?i play end game onslaught and get nothing..is there a different between normal onslaught and end game onslaught?
  7. i played end game onslaught and didnt get any wyvern token..wrong map?
  8. Hello All, In-Game Name: HolymanzFavorite Hero: HuntressOther Games You Play: Hearthstone, Dota 2, Board Games :pFavorite Quote: "Enjoy Your Life, Enjoy Your Game"
  9. if you like melee, then go for mortar..really good with high dmg and AoE..haha
  10. 1. i just found mortar type. low range, but have AoE damage 2. i think the 4/s is better than 1/s because every hit, you have a chance to critical. 3. never try it..haha 4. i think more projectile more damage. if it split between each projectile, it also good depends on situation. if you attack a lot of enemy, its better to use more projectile (and have a crit chance too.. :p). let says you attack enemy with 2000 hp. your attack dmg was 1500. you need 2 hit to kill it (waste 1000 dmg on 2nd attack). if you split into 3 projectile and each projectile have 500 dmg, you still need 2 hit kill it
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