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  1. I've been messing around abit on the right hand side of the tomb after the dev stream today, as you hear brad at the end "did you just give..." followed by no no no no. Soooooo.... My brain has turned to mush after staring at this green level for ages.
  2. Temple map Don't let any marks spawn (stop them while rune on ground before they turned to poison) Open all chests (and sacrifice on all heroes) with the holy buff active from shrine. Nothing =[
  3. I think Trendy might be Secretly be leading us on a wild goose chase. >_>
  4. munchiesdope What was said was the biggest secret has not been found yet. Most people know (and have) the weapon drops but apparently there is something else Now to add what I have tested to the pile Open all the trick or treat chests in the map. Spawn each of the skeletal heroes in 1 map Kill each of the skeletal heroes with hero damage from the hero that spawned them. (both these were done togeather)
  5. Not 100% on this but I believe the DLC is removed from sale end of Nov 2? And a post on the steam forums (in regards to people whinging about the turkey leg, I believe it might have been TrendyBrad) said the next months quest wont start till Nov 3.
  6. 1) Yep by hero damage (there is also one for defences? mercantile I think it's called. 2) I'm unsure on, but I believe 'if 10 coins were to drop, you would get 13 instead' 3) Yes, when you start the wave autoloot is performed and coins are looted (tho, coins from the sphere that has a chance to drop 100 coins, don't) 4) I use the chance at bonus 100 coins on kill on my huntress. 5) I don't know about the bounty but I make most my gold from (or rather used to) loot drops and selling between waves, but feels like drop rate down again so less $$
  7. I think I woke people up in the middle of the night due to this. Cheers for the good laugh =D
  8. This ^ That is exactly what I do also, but, I think the OP means the only hero in your hero deck is a DPS hunters (and maybe some lv30 hero you have not finished yet)
  9. Nope you will still have the skins/pet/gems after it. It's just it's availability is limited. Once unlocked on your account it's there for good.
  10. Patch 7.5 has (yet again) wiped 2 bags worth of gear from my account, yet nothing in patchnotes of a gear wipe. Mainly this gear was legendary items for fusing / alt builds. As much as I like having 5 blank bags to fillup again, I'm kinda annoying that items I finally get with good stats have all been wiped out again.
  11. Logging in after the patch, bags are quite empty (I struggled for space in the past. now I only have a couple items in there) seems everything 240+ that wasn't equipped vanished, along with lockboxes and pet food.
  12. I'm not sure where you got 5 seconds from But I lost the progress of 200 items. 30 maps, and 19 waves completed. Which is alot more then 5 seconds. I'm not sure on items/credits (it does feel like my credits are low but I didn't pay much attention to it since they are easy to get)
  13. I cannot say officially this is just my most likely scenario to explain what happened, there is 2 different versions of the monthly quest and they could be clashing or when you were kicked the first time and logged in, it could have been a different patch and so the progress you made on the original patch wasnt on this patch you had. Just a theory. After the hotfix it was showing fine. And I have opened/closed the game a few times since then. But after the first puke by playverse? (host left, kicked) was when it reset so if it was a clash I would have thought it would happen before then. Als
  14. Hour and half later. Same thing again. Kicked (and playverse down) tho when I manage to get back in. Monthly quest hasn't reset, tho the '19 days remaining' notification is not showing.
  15. about 12? hrs after patch 5.11 (2030 AEST) game fizzled and dropped to the main screen (was transitioning to social tavern) click play. Load back in and monthy quest progress reset (only had 5 onslaught rounds to complete) Restarting game multiple times, still shows it reset (tho I notice now it says number of days remaining) edit: the error message I believe I got was 'kicked, host has left the lobby' while transitioning.
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